Rory Gilmore's Most Memorable Outfits

by Julia Musto

In the tiny, fictional town of Stars Hollow, Rory Gilmore wore some very memorable outfits over the course of Gilmore Girls seven season run. Although most of her better style decisions definitively happened toward the end of the series, Rory was always on trend. Yes, even in the Chilton school uniform.

Fortunately, Rory had a fashionable mother and wealthy and tasteful grandmother to learn from — and shop with. Whenever there was a school dance or a themed party, she was outfitted accordingly. Her dress choices were actually some of the best fashion moments on the show, although I happened to like the pajamas and sweat clothes for movie nights just as much.

Going to school at Yale also gave viewers and fans growing up with the show wardrobe goals based on major life events like graduations, interviews, meeting your significant other's parents, and so on. Thanks to Rory, a lot of your own looks in that era probably included corduroy jackets, turtlenecks, jewel toned tops, and bootcut jeans. If you followed her lead, your makeup was likely more on the natural side, with the exception of frosty lip gloss. Happy early '00s!

Here are a few of Rory's best and most memorable outfits over the years.

1. The Chunky Oversized Knit Sweater

I doubt Rory knew just how fashionable this look was. At least half of my fellow NYU alumna wore some form of this sweater from Urban Outfitters with skinny jeans.

2. The Danceathon Dress

Despite the fact that you probably sobbed through this episode along with Rory, this was one of her best looks ever.

3. The School Dance Dress

This is one of the show's most iconic episodes, and it features the iconic dance dress to match.

4. The Cotillion

Rory looks downright gorgeous in this tight-bodiced white gown for her debut.

5. The Housewife Look

You know you laughed when Rory did this. It might be dated, but this outfit sure was memorable.

6. The Leather Jacket

A classic East Coast college girl staple! Rory slays at fall fashion.

7. The School Reporter

She looks ready for business in this classic v-neck knit sweater and plaid skirt. The girl can wear a sweater skirt combo!

8. The "Meet The Parents"

Rory is adorable and seasonably appropriate in this cute patterned chiffon dress. Why don't you approve Mama and Papa Logan Huntzberger?!

9. The Quentin Tarantino

You've got to love when Rory dresses up.

10. The Best Man

When Rory wore a suit, it was hard to forget. She can rock menswear with the best of them.

11. The Turtleneck

If you want to live at The New York Times, you need to own a turtleneck sweater. That's what I keep telling myself.

12. The Life & Death Brigade Dress

A dress to parachute in! Rory's color is definitely blue.

13. The Mother-Daughter Dresses

See, blue? The jewel tone works quite nicely for both of them.

14. The LBD

The choker LBD pairing is gorgeous and totally Huntsberger party appropriate. Whatever, Mitchum!

15. The Slip Dress

It's a perfect summer outfit and sleep outfit!

16. The Art Gallery Dress

It's cute, romantic, artistic and flirty — even with the pink hair!

17. The Mother-Daughter Reconciliation

Little LBDs, especially those with sheer fabric and polka dots, are always chic. And mother-daughter reconciliations are always in style.

18. The Daughter Of The Revolution

This USO look is a totally appropriate for Rory. Love her curls and her evolutionary red lip!

19. The Stylish Coat

Every East Coast girl knows that since you'll be living in a coat six months straight, it needs to look good. This blue trench is totally Rory!

20. The Bon Voyage

Rory looks great as a dirty blonde. I think she should've stayed this way, but I'm a bit biased since that's my color too.

21. The Chanel Jacket

This Chanel lookalike with the fringe is such a The Devil Wears Prada moment, but she makes it work.

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Images: The CW (21)