15 Reasons I'll Never Wear Heels Again, Because Beauty Doesn't Have To Be Pain

When I moved to university four years ago, I didn't take a single pair of my 20+ heel collection with me. I had decided to stop wearing heels forever. And to do this successfully, I would rob myself of any temptation. The decision wasn't a particularly hard one to make. We didn't really have room in my dad's car for that many pairs of shoes, I had never been able to walk in them anyway, and everybody at college could just get to know me as somebody who didn't wear heels.

In the years following, I've donned flatforms, platforms, and thick-heeled boots for occasions that called for them, but never have I reached for a six-inch stiletto or wedge. In all honesty, I haven't missed them at all. There are enough different styles of shoes out there that my outfit never feels incomplete without a pump. Plus, just because my love affair with heels stopped doesn't mean my love affair with shoes had to as well. I now own enough glittery Chelsea boots to prove it.

Occasionally, I catch myself wishing I could go back to my old ways and purchase a sleek pair of pumps — especially when I encounter the most gorgeous ones in the sales department that would go perfectly with my new clutch bag. But I always resist. And I have a whole bunch of totally valid reasons for that, these included.

1. The Unrelenting Pain

I'm seriously impressed by any woman who wears heels on the regular, because no matter what I did, they always left me in horrendous pain by the time I took them off.

2. The Blisters

This usually only happened with new shoes or ones that didn't fit properly, but I don't think a night out in heels will ever be worth the pain of foot blisters for a week thereafter.

3. The Lack Of Balance

The thing is, I naturally have none. And heels only exacerbated an already dangerous situation.

4. All Those Uneven Roads

Due to living in Britain where we have a long history and actual castles, one can often come across cobbled roads en route to the club. It should be obvious, but cobbles and heels don't mix particularly well.

5. I Always Took Them Off Anyway

I was always that girl carrying her heels in the taxi ride home come the end of the night, which ruined the chic edge I was trying to get with my stilettos.

6. My Legs Look Great Either Way

Forget heels' supposed slimming effect on our calves. My calves never needed to look any slimmer.

7. I Can Save Money

Although flats and boots can get pretty expensive, that patent pump is probably always going to cost you more than the $3 jelly sandals at your favorite fast fashion store.

8. No More Strained Ankles

I never get that strained, pained feeling in my calves or ankles anymore. Voilà!

9. More Space In The House

Just think of all the important space you'll save on your floor and closet from a lack of a heel collection.

10. Flats Are Stylish, Too

With the rise of the athleisure trend, I'm spotting more pairs of sneakers in the club than heels these days.

11. Flatforms Are The Only Shoe You Need

Plus, they're a sneaky and comfy way to add a little height to your look.

12. You Can Still Go For Heeled Boots

These simply aren't the same as regular heels, unless you opt for a stiletto boot. A platform or wedge bootie is yet another sneaky, sexy way to get those extra inches if you so please.

13. Forget Pedicures

I've never gotten a professional pedicure in my life. But since I stopped wearing heels, I haven't needed one, either. The skin on my feet stays extra smooth these days.

14. Toe Nails Stay Painted Forever

Squeezing my toes into a pointed heel was the perfect way of chipping the nail polish on them. Today, my polish lasts so much longer.

15. No More Scars

I'm actually scarred from the amount of times I've fallen over while wearing heels, which is a good enough reminder as to why I should never sport them again.

As with all clothing, wearing or not wearing heels is a totally personal decision. In fact, I'm in complete awe of anyone who does wear them constantly without complaining. But if you ever needed an excuse to rest your feet, hopefully these reasons will be more than enough motivation to give yourself a break.

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Image: Georgina Jones