Finally, You Can Relate To The Fabulous Beckhams

When you think of David Beckham, there are surely a few things that come instantly to mind: celebrated soccer player, People's Sexiest Man Alive for 2015, style icon, husband of fellow style icon Victoria Beckham, and father to four impossibly cute children. The Beckham family as a whole exudes such coolness that it's really hard to imagine them doing "normal people" things like Netflix and pizza nights, but alas, David Beckham insists in an interview with GQ magazine that his favorite thing to do in his downtime is something that you likely do in yours, too.

In the magazine's April issue, Beckham discuses how his life has changed since he retired from soccer in 2013, and it appears he's settled into retired life nicely — save for the fact that he says he "misses soccer every day" — and he says he loves spending time with the couple's four kids. As for what he apparently can be found doing when he's not "out and about," well, he's apparently watching Frozen for the hundredth time with 4-year-old cutie Harper or, get this, he loves watching Friends reruns. Yes, seriously. Beckham just proved that he is literally all of us, and it's refreshingly sweet.

He seems pretty nonchalant about this admission, but I have so many questions. First of all, does Victoria watch it with him? I can't imagine the two of them curling up on the couch after a long day, turning on "The One With The Mugging" and laughing hysterically as if they've never seen the episode even though they have seen it no less than 12 times (is this anyone else, or just me?) but apparently the Beckhams are just like every other couple who still watch Friends on the regular.

And which character do they like the most? I feel as though Victoria would like Monica the most, but maybe she's really into Rachel's style savvy. I bet David finds Phoebe hilarious. Also, do they have a favorite story line? I'm still obsessed with the early days of Chandler and Monica, when they had to hide the fact that they were dating. I wonder how David feels about those eps.

Either way, this nugget of information further proves why David and Victoria are so amazing. After all, they first started dating when Friends was still on the air, so it's safe to say that they are the second greatest thing to still exist from the '90s. Our Central Perk gang tops them by a slight inch!

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