Why 'Walking Dead' Fans Should Worry About Carol

At this point, most people know that a tragic comic book twist that’s rapidly approaching with the introduction of The Walking Dead villain Negan. The group won’t be able to face him without at least one casualty. The question is, will the show follow the comic books' death or shake things up, as it often does? My current theory is that the writers will go rogue and have Negan kill Carol on The Walking Dead, instead of his comic book victim. Don’t worry, I have some reasons behind this prediction. Plus, with only three episodes left in Season 6, the dreaded Negan kill scene seems inevitable, so we should probably start preparing.

In the comics, the group gets ambushed by Negan and his Saviors. Seeking revenge for the people Rick and Co. killed, Negan lines everyone up and chooses one person at random to kill. He doesn’t just kill that person though, he bashes their head in with his baseball bat, “Lucille,” which happens to be covered in barbed wire. Lovely. Now, the person selected in the comics is not Carol, but I think Negan will make a different decision on The Walking Dead and here's why.

Her Erratic Behavior

Carol's behavior has taken a strange turn this season. Before the attack on Alexandria, she was all about killing people without a second thought and then out of nowhere, she tried to show Paula mercy in last week's episode. Morgan may have affected her outlook on murdering people, but no matter the reason, a newfound sense of humanity won't help her in a showdown with Negan.

She’s Been M.I.A.

With the exception of the last episode, Carol has been off the radar for pretty much the entire second half of the season. It's very suspicious that The Walking Dead would have her take a major step back only to now bring her back and focus so heavily on her.

Maggie & Carol’s Relationship

Major comic spoilers ahead. One of the major plot points in the comics is Maggie’s grief in the wake of Glenn’s death. It could be a coincidence, but Carol and Maggie are closer now than they ever have been in the past. For the last two episodes, Carol has been protecting Maggie and kind of acting like a mother towards her. If you take Glenn out of the equation, Carol’s death would affect Maggie the most, meaning The Walking Dead could maintain the storyline about her grief without killing Glenn.

Her New Beau

Carol has a sudden, new relationship with Alexandria community member Tobin. I’m not saying that there can’t be couples in The Walking Dead, but besides Glenn and Maggie, all other relationships tend to end with someone dying fairly quickly after things start to heat up.

Let's hope I'm wrong, but right now, it seems like Tobin and Walking Dead fans may soon be grieving Carol.

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