How 'Happy Endings' Is Zachary Knighton's New Show 'Weird Loners'?

Okay, so we know Happy Endings is over. It's really over. Has been for some time, But we're still in the grieving process here, people. Sure, the cast has moved on, Even Dave finally has his own show now — Zachary Knighton has been cast in the show Weird Loners on Fox.

But we can't just help but see the show everywhere we turn. Young friends? Having fun? In the city? Comedically working through their relationship problems? "HAPPY ENDINGS!" we cry out into the night sky. We just can't escape them.

'Weird Loners'

Weird Loners tells the story of four commitment-phobes who live together in a townhouse in Queens, N.Y. There will be bonding. Oh, will there ever be bonding. It will be both unlikely and unexpected. Zachary Knighton will play Stosh, the sharp ladies’ man who is always getting himself if trouble because of his penis or something.

On a scale of 1 to Happy Endings: 6, because it has the basic premise of young friends living together and because Stosh sounds like the kind of guy Dave is always trying to be. Point deductions for how stupid the name “Stosh” is, though.

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In Benched, Eliza Coupe plays an ambitious, type A corporate attorney who has a nervous breakdown in public after not getting a promotion. She them becomes a public defender and learns what it’s like to work with the underdogs of the justice system.

On a scale of 1 to Happy Endings: 3. The premise is not very Happy Endings, but Coupe’s character definitely looks like she has some Jane tendencies.

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Being Happily Married

Ok, this is so not Happy Endings. No one on that show has a good wedding. Get it together, Elisa Cuthbert! You are an unexpected comic genius, go use your powers of acting like a hilarious idiot for good!

On a scale of 1 to Happy Endings: 0

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'New Girl'

Friends in their late 20’s to early thirties. Living in an apartment. Having feelings for people who are their friends. There’s one on-again-off-again couple, and one couple who is currently madly in love.

On a scale of 1 to Happy Endings: Like, an 8. The Happy Endings gang would definitely hang out with everyone on New Girl.

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'The Mindy Project'

Okay, yes, this show does mostly take place in a doctor’s office with a bunch of pregnant ladies walking around. But like, 90 percent of this show is about weird relationship stuff: bad dates, having weird feelings for your friends, etc. Also, Mindy is such a Penny. Completely.

On a scale of 1 to Happy Endings: Definitely a 7.

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'Marry Me'

Casey Wilson is set to star in Marry Me, about a couple who gets engaged too quickly and then has to deal with the consequences. Oh, also, it’s from Happy Endings co-creator David Caspe.

On a scale of 1 to Happy Endings: A 9, obviously. The plot is so first season of Happy Endings (clueless couple trying to get married, much?) and it’s from the show’s creator.

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