9 Canceled 2013 TV Shows We Would Have Watched Forever

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The television world is a battlefield: For every Grey's Anatomy or Supernatural that hobbles into a ninth or 10th season — its actors weathered and much more tan than they were in their wee beginnings — there is a Firefly or a Pushing Daisies or a Lone Star that bites the dust after a few paltry, but thoroughly enjoyable episodes. There are also a bunch with names we surely won't remember in a matter of weeks, let alone a matter of years — and a few that you actively tried to forget ever existed. Your Man Up!s and your Work Its and your The Playboy Clubs, if you will.

In case you needed more proof that television is a battlefield: Two and a Half Men has had more seasons than Firefly, My So-Called Life, Party Down, Veronica Mars, and Arrested Development combined. That's a sentence that kind of makes us want to cry, but it's also very telling about the television world. A bunch of people in suits pay hundreds of schlubby maybe-brilliant writers large sums of money to create lots and lots of pilots, and from those pilots a very small percentage are picked up to be developed into a season, and, from there, even fewer make it to become those beloved shows that people actually remember past the moment they hit delete on their DVRs.

Basically a lot of shows get made and almost all of them get canceled (or at least called off) at some point, and it's just a matter of time before it make you think about your own mortality a bit. As a result of this, we decided to spend a little time as the year comes to a close remembering a few of our fallen television shows — the good, the bad, the soon-to-be-forgotten, and the ones we're still very, very bitter about. Here are the shows we (sort of) loved and lost in 2013.

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