Is Zayn's "BeFoUr" About One Direction? The Lyrics Hint At A Tragic Feud

Zayn Malik's solo album, Mind of Mine, is quickly approaching, and he is letting his fans know that he is in this for the long haul. With the release of his fourth single off the album, "BeFoUr," Zayn is not only showing us more of the album's perfect balance between heartfelt lyrics and dance beats, but he's also, in a weird of kind of way, speaking out in support of himself and his actions. More specifically, the "BeFoUr" lyrics calls out Zayn's need to move forward and the drama that comes with that. Yep, "BeFoUr" could be about One Direction, i.e. basically calling out Zayn's choice to leave One Direction.

Sorry, One Direction fans. Aside from the prior speculation that the song would be about some part of his journey with the boy band — based simply on the fact that the song is called "BeFoUr" (One Direction is now made up of only four members, and their final album with Zayn featured was called Four) — the lyrics prove that this song is definitely not another love song. Instead, his latest single is just about Zayn and all the drama that surrounds his friendships and career path. And, honestly, from the sound of it, it doesn't give me much hope about there being a full, five member One Direction reunion anytime soon. Just listen to the song for yourself first to hear what I'm talking about.

First of all, no, I would not call this song a direct diss at the boys. If anything, the song is merely an ode to his time at the band and a new look on his perspective of what may have led to his departure. In fact, the first verse of the song seems to directly allude to his initial decision to leave the band and create his own solo career.

If there's something I wantI'll take all the right wrongsNow, I'm gonna stay in my zoneI'm tired of picking that boneAnd I can't be bothered to fight it no more, no

Then, when we head into the pre-chorus, the lyrics build on the tension Zayn was feeling in his decision as the song continues to build as well.

Numb on a roofSet it on fireJust to give me proofI'm living on a wire

And at this point I'm just really feeling bad for him. Zayn seems desperate to break free and take control over his own life. And, for Zayn, taking control of his own life, sadly, meant leaving the band behind. However, as the song's chorus plays, you realize that Zayn is not only talking about hopelessness and his struggle to break free, but something else is in play as well: drama and heartbreak. As the last two lines of the chorus seem to refer to a lack of trust and honesty either between the boys themselves, or in regards to the ways in which the public reacted to his initial separation.

So say what you wanna say, what you want

Shame is you won't say that to my face

So, what does "BeFoUr" mean for One Direction fans? Well, Zayn seems to be very comfortable with his choice to leave the band. However, when it comes to his chances of rejoining the band, I would say that, based on this song, there may still be time needed for healing. For now fans have only one this to do: Look forward to Zayn's Mind of Mine album being released on Friday, March 25. Not only will there probably be more songs with clues on what went down, but his album can temporarily fill the void of One Direction's music break.