8 Zayn "BeFour" Lyrics That Make Great Comebacks

With the release of Zayn Malik's latest single, "BeFoUr," the former boy band member is telling us how it is. Between describing why he left One Direction — and even seemingly throwing some serious shade — it's clear that things may not have ended so well with him and the boys. And, according to this song and the three other singles he's already released ("Pillowtalk," "It's You," and "Like I Would"), Zayn is going to be warding off all the haters with the March 25 release of his Mind of Mine album, so it's a good thing that the "BeFoUr" lyrics make good comebacks. And not just for Zayn. Anyone can use these lyrics to sound snappy in a fight.

Aside from helping us get to know Zayn a little bit more, the lyrics in the song also happen to be extremely diss-worthy. This song knows how to throw some serious shade, so now, as a Zayn fan, you have the perfect comebacks to ward off all the haters. "BeFour" isn't just being straight-forward; it's also holding a sizable amount of snark. Bring on the Zayn Malik solo career naysayers, because, seriously, some of these lyrics are just way too much fun.

1. "I Don't Drink To Get Drunk. I Feel All The Right Funk."

Nothing says maturity like rising above your opponent. With these lyrics, Zayn is putting down those who drink a little too much because, well, he's mature enough to know how to take his alcohol. And what's more attractive than classiness?

2. "Now, I'm Gonna Stay In My Zone. I'm Tired Of Picking That Bone."

Don't let those haters distract you. Even if they keep trying to start something, this is how you turn them off. Make those haters wish they were friends with you.

3. "I Can't Be Bothered To Fight It No More."

Not engaging is the key. Stay above their level with this line. Shut. It. Down.

4. "Say What You Wanna Say, What You Gotta Say, Now."

Have you ever dealt with someone who's clearly mad at you, but won't just say it to your face? Well, this comeback can help you put that person in their place. Confront them, and it will throw them completely off their guard.

5. "Shame Is You Won't Say That To My Face."

That's some serious shade, Zayn. I'm so proud. This comeback is perfect for those talking about you behind your back or through their computer screen. After this one, they won't feel so tough now.

6. "Heart Beats The Pump Of My Blood. No Strings For You To Pull On."

If anyone thinks they can control you, then this is how you put them in their place. Nobody should be in control of your own life and happiness but you. Cut those strings, Zayn.

7. "You've Got Your Tongue In Your Cheek, So Pardon If I Don't Speak."

Ouch! The subtle "No, you go first" reaction is timeless. Just... Yes.

8. "Numb On A Roof. Set It On Fire."

Nothing is stopping your forward motion. Keep on rising above the haters.

See? Not only do you now have perfect comebacks, but you also sound poetic as all hell. You can thank Zayn Malik for that.

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