Fashion Blogger Jeanne Grey Of "Grey Layers" On NYC, Taking Her Passion Full-Time, And Making Her Own Rules

Scrolling through Jeanne Grey's Instagram, I can't help but wonder if we really do live in the same city. Her New York City is immaculate, incredibly coordinated, and ethereal in a way that I never even realized a monochrome palette could be. She effortlessly juxtaposes flowy white dresses with Victorian details against cold concrete, deep-cut jumpsuits with boyfriend jeans, and somehow manages to always find a spotless marble table upon which to showcase her homemade green juice or luxe beauty products. And, true to her name, flaunts a short, chic silvery grey lob that I guarantee has many a style maven squealing in envy.

Grey started blogging over six years ago, and in the last two has taken Grey Layers full time. Essentially, she's living the dream — if your dream involves world travel, excellent food, art, adventures, and swoon-worthy daily looks. Which, let's be real, it probably does. She's worked as a stylist, model, creative director, marketing coordinator, and visual merchandiser, and done it all on her own terms. NYC is a major part of her daily inspiration, and we were so excited to partner with H&M to get a peek inside of her world — and maybe get some outfit ideas, too.

Her Passion Is A Lifestyle

"Leaving everything, including my 9-to-5, I have chosen to live my passion 24/7. Through my writing and creative content, I strive to influence audiences from around the world to live a positive and motivated lifestyle. I write about positivity and motivation, which I tie into my travels, everyday life, favorite brands, and outfits. I hope to inspire others to take chances of their own."

Her Minimal Style Blurs Masculine And Feminine... With A Twist

Featuring: Jacquard Weave Jacket, H&M

"I'd describe my style as comfortable, minimal­ chic. It must be wearable art. I do not condone anything that a modern woman cannot run, walk, or spend 12 hours in! New York celebrates this sense of individuality that gives me the chance to wear certain things that no one else would even think of. This city inspires me to be open, free, and be me."

She's Also A Bit Of A Foodie

"My perfect spring day starts with a matcha­ from Chalait, then taking a walk through the streets of SoHo. Stopping by Chobani is always on my list as well ­— they've got the best yogurt recipes! For brunch, I love Wallflower in Lower Manhattan, but if I'm feeling a little adventurous I'll pick a place that I haven't tried before."

She's All About Balance

Featuring: Jacquard Weave Jacket, H&M

"I chose this Aztec print jacket because it pops against my minimal vibe. I paired it with high-waisted black jeans and a leather bralette to give it a little edge. When shooting a new outfit, I always opt for less crowded locations like TriBeCa or Chelsea. The pared-down, industrial backdrop gives the outfit the focus it needs."

She Finds Inspiration All Around — Even In Her Downtime

"In the afternoons, I love bringing a blanket and my puppy Storm down to Central Park or Washington Square Park for a little down time. Usually I bring my books and read while she naps. New York is beautiful all year round, but what makes it so admirable in the spring are the flowers and gardens that take over the entire city. In a way, the landscape is very inspirational to my outfits."

She Knows That A Big City Can Be The Best Place To Find Yourself

"The fact that you can be whatever you want to be and no one will say a thing or judge you for it in New York City is beautiful. The diversity in this city is what makes it so unique. It gives everyone a chance to be who they really are."

At The End Of The Day, It's All In The Details

"Spring nights are best spent with my boyfriend on our building's rooftop for fresh salad greens and baked chicken. Dinner with a view to end the night is the best!"

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Images: Rufus Barkley (2); eryialim, DW Labs Incorporated/ Fotolia; Anthony Delanoix, Jon Ottoson, Vita Vilcina; Unsplash