How Did Shia LaBeouf & Mia Goth Get Engaged? Probably Through Performance Art, Right?

Well, well, well. It sounds like everybody's favorite actor-turned-performance artist is engaged. If this sounds familiar, it's because rumors first started circulating last year. But word on the street once again is that Shia LaBeouf and Mia Goth are getting married, and it sounds like it could be for real this time. According to reports from Us Weekly, the longtime couple may have actually been quietly engaged for months, and didn't break the news until they told a cashier earlier this month that they're planning to take a walk down the aisle. Confusing? Yes. Adorable? Also yes. But how did LaBeouf and Goth get engaged? Unfortunately, the method in which he used to pop the question is still a mystery.

Bustle has reached out to LaBeouf and Goth's reps for comment on the engagement reports, but has yet to hear back.

Although there are plenty of reports unofficially announcing the news, none of them have any information about how this whole thing went down. And since LaBeouf and Goth are pretty quiet on social media, it's not like we'll be hearing the proposal story straight from either of them anytime soon. Being that they're both pretty low-key about their relationship, it wouldn't surprise me if it was something totally simple, but knowing LaBeouf, it makes sense that the details aren't available. He's a mysterious guy!

And since we may never find out the real story of how it happened, I have a few ideas of how LaBeouf might have proposed.

In A Twitter Poll

Lately, LaBeouf has been posting these polls, and either they make zero sense or the most sense anything I've ever read has ever made — I can't decide. Either way, I could totally see LaBeouf making one of these that says "Marry me?" with yes or no options. Actually, that would be kind of cute.

Via Performance Art

Since the guy likes to invite people to watch him watch his own movies and ride an elevator for 24 hours straight, it wouldn't surprise me in the least to find out he proposed theatrically. How? That's a good question. I just hope it didn't involve paper bags over his head.

With A Musical Number

What? The Even Stevens musical was obviously the best episode. Don't tell me he's lost those singing and dancing skills since then.

In The Most Low Key Way Imaginable

If they're announcing their engagement to a cashier — aka a total stranger — the way they got to that point might have also been quiet and simple... and apparently, not in public, since there is no photo evidence of this happening (yet).

With A Churro

Taking a page out of Louis Stevens' book again, of course. The way to anyone's heart is a churro — delicious, sugary goodness. I'd say yes to that. Any sane person would.

With A Motivational Video

MotivaShian on YouTube


Here's hoping LaBeouf comes forward with the story soon... and photos, preferably. Is there anything better than a good proposal story? Nope, especially when it comes from a guy who's never been known to do anything without turning it into a true performance.

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