How Does James Orsini Make Money? Katie Rost's Ex-Husband Was Accomplished Before 'Real Housewives of Potomac'

The Real Housewives of Potomac star Katie Rost has been struggling to get her boyfriend, Andrew, to propose marriage. But before she met and fell in love with Andrew, Katie was married to Dr. James M. Orsini, a successful oncologist and hematologist in the New Jersey area. While Katie and James were once a happy couple, when Katie was four months pregnant, she left and moved back home to Potomac. She told OK! in January 2016 that since the breakup the two are now successful co-parents. "It was really hard, but I knew that it was the right thing to do," she told OK! James is pretty quiet online, so it's not clear whether or not he's remarried (on in a serious relationship that may be leading towards marriage, like Katie and Andrew). But, his career accomplishments are undeniable. To make his money, James is a prominent doctor in the New Jersey area, according to his company's website.

According to The Washington Post, James and Katie met while they were studying in college, and, after falling out of contact for many years, rekindled a friendship and romance in 2010. The couple moved to New York so that James could do his residency at the NYU Medical Center and Katie could work on her modeling career. But, when the two divorced, Katie moved back to Potomac in order to be closer to her mother while James stayed in the New York area — and here's what Katie's ex has been working on since.

His Speciality Is Cancer Research

His company's site lists him as an oncologist and hematologist currently working for Essex Oncology. James has dedicated his career to helping heal people who are suffering from cancer, which is a pretty admirable task.

He's The Son Of A Successful Doctor

James' father, also named Dr. James Orsini, worked in the same field. Here he is at the Clara Maass Medical Center alongside his oncology staff. According to an article from about James Sr. receiving an award, the doctor's "commitment to oncology led to the opening of the first dedicated oncology unit at the Clara Maass Medical Center in New Jersey. He was appointed to the Commission for Cancer Research ... He also served as president of the Oncology Society of New Jersey and chairman and president of the Essex County Chapter of the American Cancer Society."

So, success in the medical field runs in the family.

He Once Founded A Startup

On his LinkedIn, James Jr. is credited as the creator of, a place for doctors to consolidate their medical data digitally. The site is now defunct, but it seems like James isn't just a great doctor — he also worked to improve the medical field.

His Family's Been Honored At A Special Event

In 2010, James' father was honored at the National Italian American Foundation New York City Ambassador's Gala with a special distinction for being an Italian-American who's achieved success within his field. "Orsini guided the publication of one of the first medical reports on the treatment of node-negative breast cancer with systemic chemotherapy," reported

He's Bilingual

According to his company website bio, James Jr. speaks both English and fluent Italian, presumably because of his Italian-American heritage.

He Originally Didn't Study Medicine

Also according to James' LinkedIn, when he met Katie at Boston University, he wasn't just studying science — he was also double majoring in history. Maybe taking a few liberal arts courses is how he met Katie, who studied communications, according to her LinkedIn.

Even though Katie and James are no longer together, Dr. Orsini has proven he's a standout in his field. So, those who think Katie is only with Andrew because he's been financially successful, think again. Katie simply has good taste — her ex-husband is just as driven, smart, and savvy as she is.