9 '00s Styles We Put Rhinestones On For No Reason

by Gina Jones 2

Tiny dogs, hot pink everything, and sartorial tragedies were amongst the things most prevalent in early 2000s fashion. One major style faux pas you'd probably never see on the streets or on celebrities these days? Rhinestone clothing. Back then, "less is more" just wasn't a phrase we were familiar with, instead choosing to bedazzle everything and anything. Whether it was your name on a T-shirt, a Lizzie McGuire-inspired bandana, or a term like "fabulous" spelled out across the butt of your sweatpants, rhinestones were on every style surface imaginable. I have no problem with glitter or trashiness, but these rhinestone embellishments truly did epitomize the issues of early '00s fashions.

With the return of '90s fashion filling many a Millennial with nostalgia and joy these past couple of years, I wouldn't even feel shocked if some of the most beloved rhinestoned '90s items made their way back into our wardrobes. After all, if Kylie Jenner rocked a pair of rhinestone-embellished jeans, we all know hoards of humans would go out and bedazzle their own mom-inspired denim. Why fight it? There's nothing we can do about the cyclical nature of fashion, so it's only inevitable that rhinestones will come back in full force someday. I can only hope it happens at a time during which I'm not expected to be on trend.

Until then, here are nine things we loved to rhinestone at the start of the new millennium. Nobody ever said we had our sh*t together.

1. Headbands

Michael Tullberg/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I'm all for a good hair accessory, but there were a bit too many rhinestone headbands around in the early oughts. Casual tiaras, on the other hand, I would welcome back with open arms.

2. Jeans

Jeans are meant to be casual, so why mess with a classic look by adding rhinestones?

3. Anything Denim


Although this Britney Spears look has surpassed embarrassing and become iconic, I'm glad rhinestone-embellished denim handbags and hats didn't last.

4. Stilettos

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You may still spot these on the red carpet now and then, but that doesn't make me like them any more than I did in 2001.

5. Gloves

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I'm sorry, but unless you're Michael Jackson, you should not wear this look.

6. Sweatpants

Stephen Chernin/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If I'm being honest, the idea of owning and wearing a bedazzled velour tracksuit with a fat positive message on it really appeals to me. One that reads "fabulous" or "90 percent angel" on the booty? Not so much.

7. Bandanas

The amount of bandanas that Lizzie McGuire wore was frankly ridiculous, but very emblematic of the times.

8. T-Shirts

Steve Finn/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Rhinestones have never made any T-shirt look better. Ever.

9. Sunglasses

This was just an unnecessary addition to an accessory that should make you look totally cool.

If you've managed to make your way through this list and still want to defend early '00s fashion, then you're clearly dedicated to remembering and loving our weird tween years, and I congratulate you. But for me, this was all too much — even when it was going on.

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Images: Courtesy Disney Channel Original (1); Conservation Clothing, Sarah Berry Designs/Etsy