Anonymous Just Released Crucial Donald Trump Information, Just As The "Hacktivists" Promised — REPORT

Hactivist group Anonymous vowed to wage war on Donald Trump earlier this month, and it may have made good on its ominous promise. On Thursday, Anonymous claimed to have released Trump's Social Security number and personal cell number in a video posted to YouTube.

In the video, a masked face talks about fighting "bigotry and fascism that has come to the forefront of this election in the United States" brought by Trump. After laying various accusations against the Republican front-runner, the figure explains why the parcel of alleged personal information was released:

Now is the time to unite to fight fascism to show that we are very serious about stopping any Fourth Reich by the fascist Donald Trump. We have attached a gift of sorts: Trump's Social Security number, cell phone, and other details to assist you all to independently investigate this would be dictator. These are provided for informational purposes only. Do with them what you will. Bear in mind that you alone are responsible for your actions.

Other information in the alleged leak includes other biographical information such as Trump's birthday and family members as well as contact information for his legal representation. However, there is no confirmation whether the personal information really belongs to Trump.