April & Jackson Suffered A Tragedy On 'Grey's'

April and Jackson may be divorced right now on Grey’s Anatomy, but there was a time when they did love each other very much and were married. During that married, April got pregnant. Now that April is pregnant again (the result of a end-of-marriage fling from Jackson and April), let’s refresh our memories — what happened to April and Jackson’s son on Grey’s Anatomy ?

April and Jackson were overjoyed to find out they were pregnant in Season 11, but prenatal tests soon showed that their baby, who April and Jackson would go onto name Samuel, had a fatal birth defect. He suffered from a disease called type two osteogenesis imperfecta, which makes a person’s bones very brittle. According to the Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation, a person with the disease can have hundreds of bone fractures in their lifetime. Samuel’s disease was so severe that he only lived for a few hours after April delivered him. Needless to say, April and Jackson were crushed by their son’s death, and their marriage suffered as a result. April ran away to Jordan and Doctors Without Borders to, you know, run away from her problems, and Jackson was left all alone. Flash to present day — they’re divorced and April is pregnant again.

The problem, besides April not telling Jackson yet, is that April doesn’t want to get the test to find out if her baby has any birth defects. I get that she’s scared for it to happen to her second child, but it’s crazy to me that a doctor would let her emotions get in the way of her logic. I think that when Jackson finds out (which is hopefully soon, geez), he’ll demand she gets tested. I don’t know if it will bring their relationship together, but perhaps they’ll have a happy, healthy baby to co-parent side-by-side.

Images: Ron Batzdorff/ABC; Giphy