7 Reasons Kylie’s Kourt K Lip Kit Is Her Best Shade Yet & Why You Need It ASAP

In the world of fashion and beauty, it seems that nothing sells out quicker than Mansur Gavriel bags, Supreme pieces, Yeezys, and Kylie's lip kit. The youngest Jenner-Kardashian has quite the business going, with her previous lip kits selling out like crazy. Kylie's newest, the Kourt K Lip Kit is her best yet, if I do say so myself.

While I did fall in love with her previous shades (shout out to Dolce's nude, natural sheen), I love how dark she's going with this one. The Kylie Cosmetics Instagram posted a photo of the new shade on Thursday, with the caption "We are so excited for this shade!" The new color looks like a super deep purple, a hue that we haven't seen in her previous lip kits.

The second Instagram showed all the current shades, with the caption "Welcome to the family Kourt K!" Aside from the super sweet message of naming it after her oldest sis, this color is actually pretty dope, especially with Kourtney Kardashian's style moving more towards an edgy, bad girl look. And that, I'm loving. Scroll through the eldest sister's Instagram and find knee-high boots, chokers, distressed tees, and our favorite, sexy little bodysuits.

While most the previous shades have been kept in the more nude and neutral territory (except for the bright, bold red), this is the first that makes such an intense statement, and in my opinion, makes it her best color yet, for a list of reasons.

1. It's Named After Kourt, Duh

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The youngest and oldest of the clan get together and team up in the name of beauty? Hell yeah. Just goes to show — no matter their age difference, they're super tight.

2. It's Purple


Do I have to say it again? Even on the runway and in street style, purple lipsticks have been seen everywhere. While red is always a timeless classic, it's fun to jump from the norm from time to time, and purple does just that. It's a statement color that looks good on pretty much everyone.

3. It's Perfect For Spring


I don't know about you, but when I put my looks together, contrast is everything. So with spring coming up, bright colors are coming our way. Whites, nudes, pinks, and oranges all show up in my repertoire, and I love to contrast that with a dark lip.

4. It Goes With Literally Anything

Heading the pool? To brunch? Maybe to work? This shade goes with anything. Your favorite swimsuit, your trusty blazer, your favorite pencil skirt — You name it, this shade has got you covered.

5. It Could Mean Possible Darker Colors


If this color is the start of many more that explore in the deeper, darker hues, then sign me up.

6. It's Long Lasting


You know how when you bite into a sandwich or burger with lipstick on, you have to say goodbye to that hue? Well, with a darker purple like this one, expect that color rip to be a problem of the past. Bite away, friends!

7. Like Kylie, It Stands Out

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No matter how much hate she gets, Kylie's still doing her. And probably making a lot more money than any of us are. This color basically just goes to show that she's into all shades — even the ones that don't fit the norm. To me, this is the most Kylie shade yet.

It's no surprise that the Kardashian-Jenner girls, especially Kylie, have a huge influence in the fashion and beauty world. This kit will no doubt sell out — so if you're pining for it, make sure to be prepared and get your hands on one of these beauties!

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