Why Did Oliver Delete Connor's Stanford Acceptance Email On 'How To Get Away With Murder'? No One Is Decent On This Show

It must be stressful being a part of the Keating 5 — there’s more murder, lying, and possible incarceration than your average student job, that’s for sure. While some members of the Keating 5 are trying to get out, it seems like there are some people that are trying to get in. Connor got his acceptance letter to Stanford during the finale, but he’ll never know it — Why did Oliver delete Connor’s acceptance letter before he could see it?

Oliver definitely led a boring life before he met Connor. He and Connor started hooking up on one of Annalise’s cases (Connor was totally using him as a hacker), and, eventually, they fell in love and became a happy couple — sort of. Oliver was always worried about Connor being in Annalise’s schemes, and, when things got too hot in the Keating office, Connor applied to Stanford Law School as a transfer. In the interim, Oliver became more involved with Annalise’s cases (read: hacking), and I guess decided he loved it? No idea why. Now, Oliver wants to stay in Philadelphia, so he called Stanford posing as Connor and told them, “Thanks, but no thanks,” to his offer letter. Seriously, what is Oliver doing? This is crazy.

Connor already knows what Oliver doesn’t — Annalise chews people up and spits them out, and Connor has been through the wringer already. He doesn’t want to be under Annalise’s thumb anymore. Oliver still has this whole new, shiny, Annalise feel going on, so he wants to stay in Philadelphia. Oliver’s cancelling of Connor’s acceptance is sure to have an awful effect on his relationship with Connor — as soon as Connor finds out, I’m going to venture a guess and say that their relationship as we know it is over. Can Connor forgive this betrayal? He can let a lot pass, but I think this will truly end their coupledom.

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