What Does Ariana Grande's "Be Alright" Mean? The Song Has A Great Message

Unless you're some kind of fancy pants who rubs elbows with A-Listers on the regular, it's highly unlikely that you get to spend much time getting advice from celebrities — so I'm betting you're going to be pretty excited to hear about what Ariana Grande's new song "Be Alright" means. Not only is it catchy as all get-out (which you probably already noticed when the singer performed it on Saturday Night Live on Mar. 12) but it also includes some life lessons about the power of a positive attitude. Which turns out to be perfect for those of us who don't have the "Dangerous Woman" singer on our speed dial, and can't call her up to say, "Hey, things aren't going that great for me right now, how do you possibly cope with feelings like this and being famous?" Not that I don't have her on speed dial. I totally have her on speed dial. You just can't look at my phone because it's in the shop right now being... polished. *Cough*

Anyway, as the title of the song suggests, "Be Alright" is an optimistic look at moving forward in life, even when things aren't the best. It's a reminder that we really can affect our own futures just by adjusting our attitudes. Honestly, after looking at these lyrics, I'm pretty sure we should all be sending a big ol' thank you Grande's way for giving us some free celeb advice and saving us all from spending money on a life coach:

Baby don't you knowAll of them tears gon' come and goBaby you just gotta make up your mindThat every little thing is gonna be alright

The 22-year-old singer has had her moments dealing with controversy, like that whole donut-gate thing in the summer of 2015 — but she's gotten through everything relatively unscathed. And the secret to that? She seems to be sharing in "Be Alright" that it's just deciding you aren't going to let anything bring you down.

Babe we're in slow motionCan't seem to get where we're goingBut the high times are goldenCause they all lead to better days

It may not be a common mantra for someone her age, but Grande seems to be the rare 22-year old who understands that seldom anything is permanent, and that you can send your life into an upward trend just by thinking hard enough about it. It's obviously easy to sink down into the muck, but if Ariana Grande says everything's gonna be alright, then everything about her career success to date indicates that she knows what she's talking about. (And it doesn't hurt that every song she puts out gets permanently stuck in my head.)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to apply all my positive thinking to making May 20 get here faster, so I can get my hot little hands on the full Dangerous Woman album as soon as possible.