Ariana Grande "Be Alright" Lyrics That Will Totally Inspire You

Good news, Ariana Grande fans: There’s even more of your favorite singer's music in the world today, and it comes to you in the form of “Be Alright,” Grande’s latest song from her album Dangerous Woman. After her killer hosting gig on Saturday Night Live and the recent release of “Dangerous Woman,” the first song off her new album, Grande is on fire these days — and the latest song from her Dangerous Woman album is no different. Just one listen, and it becomes obvious that Grande's “Be Alright” lyrics are seriously inspiring.

Really, the song is like one huge pep talk from your best friend, encouraging you and reminding you to look to better and brighter days ahead. And let’s face it: We all need a song like that in our lives. After a bad day or a bad week, sometimes music is the only thing that can lift me out of my funk. (That, and a really good dance party.) So, if you find yourself needing a little pick-me-up these days, I highly recommend listening to this song on repeat — the lyrics alone are proof of that.

I mean, just look at some of these super-inspiring lyrics. The whole song is like a battle cry to love yourself and stay positive about what the future holds. And who doesn’t need positive reminders like these on a daily basis?

1. "Daylight Is So Close"


When things get dark, it’s hard to remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This too shall pass, Grande reminds us over and over again in this awesome song.

2. "Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing"


Full of hope and optimism, this song is a reminder that the things that consume our minds are likely just passing concerns. Brighter and better days are definitely ahead.

3. "We’re Gonna Be Alright"


Preach, Ariana! You will be too.

4. "All Of Them Tears Gon’ Come And Go"


You can’t cry forever, and after the darkness there is always a dawn.

5. "The High Times Are Golden"


They are golden and they are also ahead. This song reminds fans that the low times make those high times feel all the more incredible.

6. "‘Cause They All Lead To Better Days"


Sing this from the rooftops when the better days seem nowhere in sight for you.

7. "Everything Little Thing Is Gonna Be Alright"


This has to be true, especially if our girl deems it so.

So trust Grande about this: Better times are definitely ahead. And if you forget for a minute that they are, just play this song at full volume until these inspiring lyrics shake right out of whatever funk you are in.

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