How To Score The Next Round Of Free Chipotle

Hey, remember a few weeks ago when we all collectively lost our marbles because Chipotle was texting out free "rain check" burrito coupons? Turns out after the raging success of that campaign, Chipotle is giving out more free burritos to the masses. The Associated Press reported that after the recent E. coli breakout, the 2,000 restaurants in Chipotle's chain have been less crowded than usual, despite new strategies being put into place to ensure there isn't another contamination scare again. And as far as strategies to bring more humans into a restaurant go, nothing sings to our ears quite like the words "free burrito."

So how do you score yourself another one of these coupons? Patience, my young padawan. For it turns out that rather than texting random words to Chipotle and waiting for them to text back (which apparently a whopping 5.3 million of us did in February — go TEAM), this time around we're getting coupons the old-fashioned way. Chipotle will be sending these coupons via snail mail. In the most aggressively '90s move ever, Chipotle has sent out 5 million to 6 million of these coupons already, all of which will expire around May 15. If you haven't received one yet, fear not, fellow burrito consumer. Chipotle has plans to roll out a total of 21 million of these before time is up.

While I wait for mine, I'm personally torn between the conflicting feelings of "waiting for a dumb boy to call" and "does Santa — I mean Chipotle — know where I live, Mom??" If I don't get one, it's cool, I'll just be a puddle of guac and tears on the floor like the grown-ass adult that I am.

But the good news is that even if you suffer the extreme FOMO of Chipotle not sending you a coupon, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of a BOGO deal Chipotle plans to offer in the summer. That way you can split the cost of a burrito with your bestie and get the second one free! Oof, sorry, typo — what I meant to say was, that way you can buy two burritos and shamelessly eat both of them at your desk and accidentally fall asleep at 3 p.m.! WOOT!!

In the meantime, all this talk about Chipotle has made me, unsurprisingly, quite hungry for Chipotle. If the hellscape of the line in the location near me is any indication, these promotions are doing exactly what they intended — bringing back the crowds and enabling our burrito addictions, one coupon at a time.

Images: Getty Images; Giphy