Ariana Grande's Next Single Could Be Released Sooner Than You Think

Good news, Arianators! If you have been listening to "Dangerous Woman" all week and are ready for something new, the 22-year-old singer has debuted her second single, "Be Alright," from her upcoming album. And yes, in case you were wondering, it is just as amazing as "Dangerous Woman." But, with more than a month to go before the May 20 release of her album (also titled Dangerous Woman,) the big question now is when will Grande release her next single? At the rate she is going, it could be very soon.

Grande released the title track from her third album Friday, March 11, the day before she hosted Saturday Night Live . When she took to the SNL stage Saturday, March 12, she belted out "Be Alright" for the first time — and now, March 18, a studio version of the song has finally been released for us all to listen to on repeat to our hearts' desire. If Grande sticks with this pattern — releasing a new studio track every Friday — we could very well have a third single by this time next week.

That may be asking for too much musical joy in such a short span of time, but even if Grande waits a couple of weeks before giving the world another one of her pop jams to fall in love with, it looks like she will release at least two more singles before the album's big debut. If you take a look at the pre-order page for Dangerous Woman, you will see two other song names have already been revealed: track four "Into You" and track six "Let Me Love You." While neither are available for purchase just yet, the fact that their names have been revealed might be a hint that they're the next tracks to be released.

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While she hasn't taken to Twitter to tout their release just yet, it seems likely one or both songs will soon be available to purchase. Of course, if she wants to reveal another one of her mystery tracks from the 15-track album, no one is going to complain. The first four songs the singer has unveiled to her adoring fanbase have been well worth the wait.

There is another option for Grande's next single though, and that is the love song "Moonlight." The song hasn't been released yet, but according to Grande, it was an early contender for the album's title before she settled on the powerful Dangerous Woman.

No matter what song Grande chooses to be the third single, here's hoping she debuts it soon... like, next Friday soon, because the world needs more Dangerous Woman immediately.