7 Damaging Hairstyles That Could Be Ruining Your Hair

If your hair is feeling weak or thin, it may be your hairstyle that is causing the damage. From tight ponytails to flat-ironed ends, there are actually several hairstyles that could be effectually your hair's overall health. If the style is too tight or involves too much heat, your strands could be suffering more than necessary. So while you may think that messy top knot is an easy solution to a bad hair day, it could actually be making it that much more worse.

Damaging hairstyles aren't always easy to spot. Most of the time, you may not even be realizing that you are adding stress to your strands. These styles may seem harmless or convenient at the time, when it fact they are worsening the condition of your hair. While many of these damaging factors aren't immediate, constantly reusing these styles can lead to poor hair health. So, keep your strands happy by knowing what can negatively effect them. Even take simple steps like loosening the hold on your style or dialing down the heat on your hot tools. These little precautions can do wonders of the health of your hair. Here are seven hairstyles that you may not realize are damaging your.

1. Ponytails

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While ponytails are a quick and easy hairstyle, constantly wearing them day-in and day-out can be very damaging to your strands. The repetitive use of tight elastic hair ties can damage the hair shaft and lead to fraying, according to Brydie.com. If you simply can't live without your beloved ponytail, try switching to fabric hair ties instead. Not only are they more gentle on the hair, but they also don't leave any dents behind.

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2. Long Extensions

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Long, luscious hair can be incredibly sexy. However, adding length and volume via extensions can be very damaging to your hair. According to Bustle writer, Miki Hayes, clip-in extensions can cause pulling and breaking at the root, and can leave your hair feeling weak. To keep your hair feeling its best (read: least damaged), try clipping in the hair in different places each time, and remove at the end of the day.

3. Teased Poofs

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As a lover of big, poofy hair, I'm completely guilty of overusing this damaging hairstyle. While it may lead to more fluff and volume, it can wreck havoc on your strands. Teasing or backcombing is when you comb the strands backwards to create lift. You're essentially scrapping your hair backwards creating knots and tangles. It's the worst. Instead of reaching for a teasing comb, try using voluming styling products instead. Your hair will thank you for it.

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4. Stick Straight Strands

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While flat hair isn't damaging on its own, the hot tools used to achieve that hairstyle are. Just think about. You're using incredibly hot heat to iron your hair into submission. It isn't exactly the healthiest thing to do for your strands, according to WebMD experts. If you can't avoid hot tools, then be sure to use a heat protectant spray beforehand to help lessen the damage.

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5. Tight Braids

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Braids look absolutely sensational on any hair type, however, constant braiding and pulling of the hair can lead to breakage. When you pull the hair too tight, it strains the roots, which can lead to follicle damage, splitting, and overall weakened hair, according to Brydie.com. So, next time you go to braid your hair, be delicate on your strands.

6. Wet Hairstyles

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Even though it's super convenient to throw your hair in a bun post-shower, don't do it. Wrapping your wet hair into a bun or ponytail can be damaging to your strands. Wet hair is automatically weaker hair, and the elastic can cause the strands to break, according to Romper.com.

7. Braids Near The Hairline

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Face-framing braids are incredibly cute, but they can also be harmful to your strands. According to Shape, the hair around your hairline is the thinnest and most susceptible to damage. Therefore, tight braids can cause the thin hair to snap or break. Keep your hair healthy by placing your braids further back on your crown.

While you don't need to give up on these hairstyles for good, it is helpful to know just how damaging repetitive hairstyles can be. Keep your hair healthy and strong by switching up your styling. Not only is good your strands, but it also keeps your style looking fresh.

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