The Best Hair Clips For Thick Hair, According To A Professional

by Andrea Pyros and BDG Commerce
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If you have thick hair, you know how difficult it can be to keep it up without triple-wrapping it with tight elastics. Flimsy clips and thin hair bands never seem to cut it — you need something much stronger and more durable. The best hair clips for thick hair are wide and big, designed with strong grips, and made of sturdy materials that won’t snap at the slightest bit of pressure. And just like the best hair ties for thick hair, these clips won’t damage your hair or hurt your scalp, so they feel comfortable enough for all-day wear.

Claw clips “are one of the least damaging ways to keep your hair back,” Los Angeles-based celebrity hairstylist Bradley Leake tells Bustle. “Not all claw clips are created equal and claw clip comfort is a real thing,” he also advises. The claw clips below have been vetted for comfort, but keep your preferred size in mind. For longer, thicker hair, Leake suggests using claw clips with wider openings to more securely and comfortably hold your hair.

Some of the strongest and biggest hair clips out there also include octopus-style, oversized barrettes, and more — all of which you’ll find ahead. Though they vary in style, they’ve all been vetted and approved by fellow thick-haired shoppers. They’re also all conveniently sold on Amazon (the best place to buy affordable hair accessories, IMO) and cost less than $20.

And if you’re looking for some fresh new ways to style your hair clips, our friends at The Zoe Report have some tips on how to style hair clips the celebrity way, plus tons of street style roundups for your inspiration.

Shop The Best Hair Clips For Thick Hair

In a hurry? These are the best hair clips for thick hair:

  1. Stylish Metal Claw Clips: VinBee Large Metal Hair Claw Clips
  2. Colorful Comb Clips: RC Roche Ornament French Concord Curved Hair Clip
  3. The Editor’s Pick: TOCESS Hair Claw Clips
  4. Gemstone-Encrusted Jaw Clips: DEATTI Hair Claw Clips
  5. Chic Tortoiseshell Banana Clips: Aileam Banana Clips
  6. A Super-Strong Octopus Clip: Camila Paris Octopus Clip
  7. A Classic Revlon 2-Pack For Under $5: Revlon Strong Hold Hair Claw Clips
  8. Jumbo-Sized Barrettes: Kitsch XL Snap Hair Clips
  9. Smaller Clips For Half-Up Styles & Shorter Hair: Yishenyishi Black Jaw Clips For Thick Hair
  10. A Banana Clip For Curly Hair: HairZing Banana Clip

Scroll on to shop the best hair clips that can handle thick hair, all while adding major ’90s-inspired style points to your wardrobe.

1. Stylish Metal Claw Clips

— Also available on: Walmart, $9

These metal claw clips are a bit more fashionable and durable than your standard plastic hair clips. These large clips have a wide opening that makes them great for thicker hair and they’re 3 inches in length. They’re sold in a three-pack with a rose gold, yellow gold, and silver option, and are made of a durable alloy that’s a lot less likely to break than plastic.

One reviewer wrote: “These are amazing!!! I have very thick hair and never have luck with clips — until these!! My friend let me borrow one and I was sold — I have six of them now and wear them almost daily!”

2. Colorful Comb Clips

Also available on: Walmart, $31

These curved clips hold thick hair securely in place using a row of comb-like teeth hidden on the inside, while their flat bases and hinged jaws offer a new take on the classic claw clip. Unlike most other clips that jut out, these lie flat against your head. They come in multicolored sets featuring everything from transparent pastels to dark muted shades, or, you can buy them in classic all-black or brown.

One reviewer wrote: “I love these hair clips! They don’t hurt [your] head and they have amazing hold. My hair is long and thick so it is hard finding hair accessories that work. I highly [recommend].”

3. The Editor’s Pick

Also available on: Walmart, $20

These claw clips are the perfect choice for anyone with a lot of long, thick hair. Sold in a pack of four, they’re made from durable yet soft acrylic with a matte finish, and have an oversized design that’s more than 4 inches long to hold a lot of hair. “Love these clips!” raved one reviewer. “Super sturdy and solid construction. I have very thick hair and they hold all of it without slipping throughout the day. Would buy these again.” They come in a wide variety of color options, from a multicolor pack to a set of black clips.

Editor’s praise: “I have extremely long, thick hair, and I thought that claw clips just weren’t an option for me. These changed my perspective! I love the matte finish, and how sturdy these clips are. They keep my hair in a french twist or bun all day long without needing to constantly re-adjust.” — Bustle editor Carina Finn

4. Gemstone-Encrusted Jaw Clips

— Also available on: Walmart, $13

With their matte finish and gemstone-encrusted design, these claw clips are another cute, durable choice for people with thick hair. They’re traditional jaw clips, but they’re quite strong and more than 3 inches in length, which is why over 1,700 Amazon reviewers left them a perfect five-star rating. The gemstones just add a fun, understated touch of glamour.

One reviewer wrote: “I was needing a clip strong enough not to break within the first hour of it trying to hold up my thick heavy hair and these clips have been exactly what I was wanting! After several months of near daily use all the clips are still holding tight and no teeth have broken off. Highly recommended!”

5. Chic Tortoiseshell Banana Clips

Also available on: Walmart, $8

A pretty, Scandi-chic take on the classic tortoiseshell hair clip, these come in both pastel colors and traditional brown and black. Made of alloy and acrylic resin, they're much stronger and thicker than your standard plastic hair clip, though because they're not as oversized as some of the others on this list (they’re 3.5 inches in length and don’t open quite as widely), they're probably better suited to half-up styles rather than buns.

One reviewer wrote: “These are great for thick hair. When I like to put my hair half up half down, I have a hard time finding clips that will hold. These definitely do the trick. [...] They’re sturdy, cute and also inexpensive compared to similar ones I’ve seen at boutiques.”

6. A Super-Strong Octopus Clip

This mighty, 3.5-inch octopus clip isn’t messing around: In other words, once your hair is up, the octopus won’t let go. Unlike a lot of other hair clips, this one is wide enough to hold back buns. It also comes in a smaller 2.5-inch width, in either black or tortoiseshell.

One reviewer wrote: “I have really thick curly hair and this clip holds it! If you have thick hair, you need this clip!”

7. A Classic Revlon 2-Pack For Under $5

Get two classic 3-inch claw clips for less than $5 with this set from Revlon. They have two sets of strong, jumbo-sized teeth that are ideal for holding up long, thick hair, while their minimalist look will go with any outfit, from casual to dressy. Very ’90s-inspired vibes (and an amazing value, of course).

One reviewer wrote: “I have thick, long, wavy hair and don’t struggle at all with putting all of my hair into these Revlon clips. There are two layers of prongs which really helps hold my hair in place. I would recommend these to anyone who wants an easy, quick way to throw up your hair.”

8. Jumbo-Sized Barrettes

Also available on: Walmart, $5, and Walgreens, $6, and Kitsch, $6

Barrettes are often frustrating for people with thick hair because they seem to pop right back open, if you can even get them to close in the first place. But not these extra-large barrettes from Kitsch, which measure over 3 inches long and are made of durable metal. If you have thick bangs that you’re looking to hold back, these will be perfect for that; also great for washing your face, masking, et cetera.

One reviewer wrote: “Beautiful 3” sturdy, tight, flat, comfortable, hair clip that stays on even thick hair all night while sleeping. I will be buying more and highly recommend them.”

9. Smaller Clips For Half-Up Styles & Shorter Hair

Also available on: Walmart, $24

These small black hair clips are perfect if you prefer something a little less obtrusive. They’re also handy for half-up styles, or if you don’t have as much hair to hold up (though Amazon reviewers with long, thick hair confirm they “hold [their] hair up with no problem.”). For less than $15, you get a whopping 10 clips, so even if you lose a few, you’ll still have plenty leftover. These are smaller than the other claw clips on this list at just 1.6 inches in length, but they are great for half-up hairstyles, pinning back bangs, or if you prefer to use multiple small clips in your hair.

One reviewer wrote: “Let me start by saying I have tried EVERY hair clip/brand out there. I was super skeptical of these but I could not be happier!!! FINALLY something that actually holds my long thick hair. [...] I will NEVER buy another brand again!! SOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!”

10. A Banana Clip For Curly Hair

— Also available on: Walmart, $14

This banana clip is a great choice for holding back curly, textured hair without disrupting your natural curl pattern. Its versatile design allows you to create all sorts of styles with ease (the brand has supplied some handy images, here) to keep your hair completely off of your face. Choose from two sizes and a bunch of colors, some of which feature decorative beads.

One reviewer wrote: “This is by far the best clip I have ever found to hold my thick curly hair! It doesn’t pull or cause me headaches and it allows me to create a cute updo that actually keeps all my hair pulled back! Highly recommend.”


Bradley Leake is a celebrity hairstylist based in Los Angelos

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