7 Overnight At-Home Skin Care Treatments That Are Actually Worth It

When someone tells you to "go home and sleep on it," they're usually referring to a mind-boggling dilemma you've recently encountered. While the advice offers no instantly gratifying answer, you do usually have a better grasp on the situation the next day. And as it turns out, the best overnight skin care treatments work the same way. Sleep on these beauty treatments, and after a few hours (say, seven or eight), you could be waking up with a whole new outlook.

Fully replenishing dried-out skin, regulating oil production, and healing pesky breakouts can't be done in a snap. But your skin does its best healing while you're asleep, so that's the smartest time to nourish tired skin with vitamins, essential oils, and skin-replenishing hydration. Seriously: it's so worth it to add skin care to your bedtime routine.

Notice a new crop of zits coming in on your nose? No worries! A gentle overnight treatment of salicylic acid and healing zinc oxide will banish breakouts by morning. (Bonus: This treatment was blessed by beauty maven Kylie Jenner herself.) If getting long-lasting hydration is higher up in your skin care needs, then a carrot and grape seed oil mix that detoxifies as it moisturizes could be your missing link. Luxurious-looking skin by morning isn't a far-off fantasy, especially when you have a few of these luxurious P.M. staples ready to go.

Dry Out Whiteheads With Salicylic Acid While You Sleep

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion , $17, Amazon

When celebs dish on their beauty routines (like Kylie did with this drying lotion), it feels like getting let in on the best-kept secrets to glam. This particular one uses powerfully effective salicylic acid to shrink down whiteheads and clean away pore build-up, while zinc oxide assists skin with healing, and calamine takes it home with soothing itchy skin irritation. Simply dip a clean Q-Tip into the bottle, and spot treat wherever your flare-ups are happening. Fans say this little pink bottle significantly clears up fresh zits as they sleep, with one even saying, "It took away the redness and shrunk the pimples I had. I will never go back to using anything else."

Spot Treat & Purify Skin With A Sulfur Mask

DDF Sulfur Therapeutic Mask , $45, Amazon

This overnight mask works to rid troubled skin of acne and breakouts with its ten percent sulfur treatment, which actively combats blemish-causing bacteria. The formula's clay ingredient also absorbs oil on shine-prone skin, and naturally detoxifies pores full of pollutants that lead to blackheads. Many users said when sleeping in this mask, they saw improvements in their acne levels overnight, with one fan even saying, "I will buy this product as long as it continues working for me, no matter the price." Apply as spot treatment overnight, or use as a complete mask for a few hours a week.

Increase Cell Turnover With Carrot & Grape Seed Oil

Claudalie Overnight Detox Oil, $39, Amazon

Before heading to sleep, apply this rejuvenating mixture of antioxidant grape seed and carrot oil to your forehead, cheeks, and chin areas — especially if you're not sleeping enough. This detox formula's carrot oil (known for cell regenerative qualities) assists your skin's overnight cell turnover, which is crucial for quickly healing things like blemishes and acne scars. The 100 percent plant based formula also uses a refreshing blend of rosemary leaf extract to soothe skin, as rosemary's antiseptic qualities are known to tone oily skin or remove dryness. Just six drops before bed are needed, and it's gentle enough to be worn underneath your regular evening moisturizer.

Repair & Hydrate Skin With Wild Rose Oil

Korres Advanced Sleeping Facial , $48, Sephora

If you spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun, this gentle night treatment uses vitamin C to prevent and protect against UV damage to your skin, in addition to encouraging collagen synthesis. Wild rose oil, on the other hand, is known to be antimicrobial (which assists with lowering bacteria count), and contributes to a formula already hard at work evening skin tone and texture. One excited user said, "Hands down the best cream I have ever used in my life! I wish they would sell it in a larger jar. You will be amazed when you wake up, trust me when I tell you!"

Replenish Lost Moisture With Primrose Oil & Aloe

SkinCeuticals Renew Overnight Dry , $60, Amazon

If you frequently wake up to tightened skin that has a tough time absorbing makeup, your skin could need more moisture. This overnight moisturizer's key ingredient is its refreshing fruit acid blend, which helps dried-out, tired skin slough off dead skin cells. The botanical mix, which includes maple sugar extract, works to repair damaged skin cells as an alpha hydroxy acid. Users say the container lasts a long time, which means more bang for your buck, and one user with sensitive skin even confirmed this formula actually hydrated her skin without causing additional redness.

Revitalize Complexion With Olive Fruit Extract & Caffeine

Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask, $45, Amazon

The moisture surge mask from Clinique is a top-rated overnight treatment for good reason: Mango seed butter and algae extract work to replenish lost moisture, brightening a complexion that otherwise might seem tired. Caffeine (which also contains antioxidants) topically affects skin by constricting small blood vessels, which makes it a strong ally when working to lighten dark under-eye circles. Caffeine is an anti-inflammatory agent, too,which means if you often wake up to puffy, swollen skin, this overnight skin could be your next best friend.

Soften Skin Texture With Glycolic & Lactic Acid

Glamglow Super-Mud Clearing Treatment, $53, Amazon

Struggling with the after-effects of years of breakouts (don't worry; everyone's been there)? The overnight skin-clearing treatment that evens out texture with glycolic acid, while continuing to manage recurring blemishes with salicylic acid, could be your best bet. Its lactic acid will balance skin pigmentation from UV rays and invigorate collagen for firmness, while charcoal pulls out sebum oils that can clog pores. One user said, "Glamglow is on the top of my list, and I love that you can see the dirt coming right out of your pores!"

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