Does Taylor Swift Call Calvin Harris "Adam"? The Couple's Vacation Photos Provide Insight Into Their Relationship

Being normal, not-at-all famous people, we tend to call our significant others by pet names or their nicknames or some other nauseating term of endearment. It's cool, everyone does it... even those who pretend that they don't. But if you're a celebrity, pet names and nicknames and terms of endearment are secondary to another special relationship phenomenon: calling someone by their real name instead of their stage name. Like, for instance, Taylor Swift calling Calvin Harris "Adam".

First, I should probably tell those of you not-in-the-know that Harris' real name is Adam Wiles. Sorry if I caught you off guard and blew your mind. Yes, Calvin Harris is but a mere pseudonym. He really does look like a Calvin though, doesn't he? Hey, I was convinced. Anyway, although some celebrities take on their public personas and use them in their every day life — like how Destiny Hope Cyrus legally changed her name to Miley Ray Cyrus — others are content to have the two be separate entities. Harris, uh, I mean, Wiles, appears to be one of those people.

If Swift's Instagram post from their island vacation is any indication, she does, in fact, call him Adam. You see, there's a photo of a heart drawn in the sand with "TS + AW" written clear as day inside of it. Which prompted comments like, "Wait Calvin Harris isn't his real name???????" But, in her defense, Swift made it as obvious as possible for those confused abut the love declaration, because in her caption she wrote, "Taylor Swift + Adam Wiles."

If that wasn't enough evidence for you as to whether or not Swift calls Harris "Adam", don't you worry your pretty little head about it. There's more proof to back up this claim. Way back when, in September 2015, a source told Us Weekly, "Taylor always calls Calvin by his birth name, Adam, and never Calvin in private." So, there you go, peeps.

To us Swift fans, he's "Adam" from here on out.