Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris' Romantic Beach Trip Proves This Is Such A Change From Her Other Relationships — PHOTOS

Ever since Taylor Swift began dating Calvin Harris, it's seemed so different than any of her relationships in the past — in the best way possible. Previously, Tay's love life was kept on the down-low and people only knew what was going on because she'd essentially be outed by the paparazzi. With her current boyfriend, she seems so in love — and doesn't care who knows it. On Tuesday, Swift and Harris shared photos from their vacation at what looks like the nicest beach I've ever seen in my life. (Although it's unclear from the pictures which tropical location they're at.) Considering these two celebrated their one-year anniversary recently, this may have been a trip to commemorate the occasion. Based on the photos, they did all those cliché vacation things — writing their names in the sand, posting goofy videos, and posing on the beach — yet because they look so genuinely happy, it takes the cheesiness out of the equation. They're just straight-up adorable.

This is noteworthy because in the past, the "22' singer only hinted at having boyfriends. Fans would speculate over Swift wearing an airplane necklace that matched Styles', or they'd find pictures of her and Jake Gyllenhaal taken by the paparazzi — yet no confirmation from the 26-year-old herself. And it sounds like there was a very solid reason why. According to Us Weekly, Swift said she felt anxiety about her relationship with Styles, although she didn't explicitly say his name. When performing "Out of the Woods" at the GRAMMY Museum in 2015, she prefaced the song by saying,

The number one feeling I felt in the whole relationship was anxiety. Because it felt very fragile, it felt very tentative. And it always felt like, "Okay, what's the next road block? What's the next thing that's gonna deter this? How long do we have before this turns into just an awful mess and we break up? Is it a month? Is it three days?"

That sounds beyond stressful, and it also highlights why her now posting photos with her current boyfriend — especially on her own terms — is all the more significant. It shows that she's confident enough in herself and her relationship with Harris to share it with the world. Although it's totally her prerogative to decide what information should be public and private, this is a nice change of pace and indicates how she is happy with the DJ.

Now, here's a round-up of photos from Tayvin's envy-inducing beach getaway. You may find yourself booking a tropical trip ASAP.

1. Jet Skis

I hope that right after this was taken, they hopped on those jet skis. Also, do you think they had an assistant double as a personal photographer? Or did they have to do that awkward thing, the rest of us non-famous people do, where you have to ask a stranger to take your photo?

2. Names In The Sand

I always forget that his name is not actually Calvin Harris. Thanks for the reminder, Tay! Plus, this is like the beach equivalent of making their relationship Facebook official. Once again, she's sharing her boyfriend with the world and doesn't care what others think.

3. Palm Trees

Props to Harris for getting this shot and not dropping his phone in the water in the process. Those palm trees are unreal! The way Swift is posing exudes total confidence in herself.

4. More Palm Trees

These two are definitely out of the woods. Plus, she's got a grin on her face and looks perfectly content.

5. Calvin

I'm guessing Tay took this shot and directed him to look out over the beach in an artsy way. And if so, he nailed it.

6. Jumping Around

This video shows of Swift's goofy side and the caption hints that these two hadn't had a chance to go on a trip before. Or at least not a legit tropical vacation.

7. Beach Kisses

This is the type of photo that used to only be taken sneakily by the paparazzi. She totally has that Princess Diaries foot-pop thing going on too.

Even though I'm incredibly jealous of their time spent in the sunshine, it's just so great to see her share her relationship on her own terms — PDA beach pics and all.