These 11 Hairstyles Hide Greasy Hair When You Just Don't Have Time To Deal It — VIDEOS

Whether it’s because you’re running late and don’t have time to shower, just finished a fierce sweat sesh, or are just not in the mood to wash your hair, grease can creep up and start to show. Luckily, with these hairstyles that hide greasy hair, no one will question how long it’s been since you’ve had a chance to wash your locks. If your only strategy for hiding greased-out roots has been tossing a hat on top, prepare to up your game!

As a gal that used to have long hair that hit halfway down her back, I have major sympathy for those of you often dealing with the greasy roots struggle. I would always try to make my blow outs last as long as humanly possible when my hair was long because the constant upkeep and drying took for freaking ever.

I now have a pixie where it actually looks better greasy, but don’t worry: chopping all your hair off isn’t one of the suggested hairstyles below to hide greasy hair! I love the super short cut and think everyone should get one at least once. However, if you're attached to your long hair, there are plenty of stylish ways to hide the grease. Prepare to swoon for these hairstyles that use your grease to your advantage. There are so many fun braids, updos, and wavy styles made for grease, and your hair is gonna look fab.

1. Spaced Out Ponytail

Transform your side pony into a master of grease hiding with this fun banded look.

Try: John Frieda Collection Luxurious Volume All-Day Hairspray, $5, Amazon | Burlybands Thick Ponytail Holder, $11, Amazon

2. Braided Half-Do

bubzbeauty on YouTube

Hide your roots in a stunner half updo braid with this fast tutorial.

Try: hiLISS Bobby Pin Variety Pack, $12, Amazon

3. Waves For Days

Erin Rose on YouTube

You can hide grease fast by adding texture and body with a curling wand. To get the beach wave look on point, this tutorial has you covered.

Try: Perfectwo Studio Salon Ceramic Curling Wand, $20, Amazon

4. Braided Pony

Chrissy Costanza on YouTube

Got a little time on your hands? Learn how to master this gorgeous braided pony.

Try: Got2B Rocking It Fresh Dry Shampoo, $8, Amazon

5. Poufed Pony

Émilie Joy on YouTube

If you're in a hurry, keep things sleek and simple with this slightly poufed pony hack to hide yucky roots.

Try: TIGI Bed Head Matte Dry Shampoo, $13, Amazon | ArtNaturals Thermal Heat Protector, $12, Amazon

6. Heat-Free Braids

Shreya Jain on YouTube

SJLovesJewelry crafted three stunner looks that don't require any heat styling to blend away grease.

Try: GorgeousCC Three Hair Bun Rings, $2, Amazon

7. '90s Vibes Styles

Mickylene Delgado on YouTube

Mickylene Delgado is all about that '90s grunge look, and offers up five brilliant ways to hide grease struggles with attitude.

8. Half-Do Waterfall Braid

Amber Fillerup on YouTube

For all my ladies out there with long hair, this is a stunning way to tuck away sneaky grease.

Try: Burt's Bees Baby Bee Dusting Powder, $6, Amazon

9. Volumized Updos on YouTube

These three looks will have you from flat and greasy to full and fab in no time.

Try: Arvazallia Hydrating Argan Oil Deep Conditioner, $13, Amazon

10. Goddess Braid

MsDanti1 on YouTube

This wraparound braid actually needs grease to work!

Try: Gellwhu Elastic Turban Hair Band, $10, Amazon

11. Messy Bun

Erin Elizabeth on YouTube

Reliable, sexy, and sneaky against grease.

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