Frank May Know More Than We Thought On 'Daredevil'

Daredevil may have provided some insight to the Punisher's past, but there's way more to the story. Spoilers for Daredevil Season 2 ahead. Though viewers learned early in the season that Frank Castle's family had been brutally killed, every reveal about their deaths only brought more questions. By the end of the season, one question loomed above the rest: What is Micro on Daredevil ? It seems that Frank's time in the military included more than heroic missions.

Though we only got bits and pieces of the story, during Frank's trial, his Colonel explains that Frank singlehandedly saved their unit while on a reconissance mission near the Hindu Kush region (which includes parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan). The Colonel essentially says that he owes Frank his life, which is why it's so shocking when it's revealed later in the season that he was involved in the shootout that killed Frank's family. Though it's also suggested that the Colonel may be the drug dealer known as the Blacksmith who orchestrated the shootout, it seems Frank's family may have actually been killed as revenge for something that happened while he was serving overseas.

While everything is left very vague, when Frank confronts the other man about his involvement, the Colonel explains that the massacre wasn't a drug deal gone wrong. He goes on to say in Episode 12, "what happened with your kids, the park, who cares. It's about what happened with you, with all of us... Kandahar! Did you think they would ever let that go?"

Kandahar is a city in Afghanistan, so it seems that there's much to the story of Frank's unit than what was said in court. Though Frank kills the Colonel shortly after this exchange, before we can learn anything else about what happened in Afghanistan, in the season finale he makes it clear that this story is far from over.

Just before Frank leaves his former home to explode, he retrieves a disc labeled "MICRO" from where it was hidden — in a picture frame, behind a photo of his whole unit, including the Colonel. He takes the disc and leaves, and that's the last we see of The Punisher in Daredevil Season 2.

Considering the small tidbits the Colonel gave, and the sheer amount of people and corruption involved in the day Frank's family was murdered, there must be a much larger plan in play here. It's difficult to predict what exactly happened in Kandahar, but Frank seems to be in possession of something that he knows must be kept hidden. And whatever happened, it caused his own friends and fellow soldiers to turn against him so extremely, they were willing to murder innocent people to hurt him.

It's also worth noting that in Marvel's Punisher comics, Frank has an assistant who goes by the name Microchip, or sometimes Micro, who helps in his missions. If this disc doesn't contain sime kind of secret Frank possesses, it could have the whereabouts of this Microchip, who Frank needs help from to carry out whatever it is he plans on doing next. Whatever the contents of this disc, one thing is for certain: Frank Castle's story is not over, and whether we see him next in his own Netflix series or a future season of Daredevil, we have much more to learn about the Punisher.

Images: Patrick Harbron/Netflix, Netflix (2)