9 Early 2000s Summer Clothing Items You Just Had To Have — PHOTOS

The early '00s was a time of out-there styles and trends that you might never wear again, but fashion got even more interesting when it came to the summer months. Just because people were wearing less didn't meant that the clothing wasn't just as fascinating. No matter what your personal style was like back then, there were some summer '00s clothing items that you had to have. Because there was nothing cooler than matching all your friends while you listened to LFO's "Summer Girls" and sun-bathed with glittery tanning lotion.

Not only was it important to find the perfect Roxy bathing suit at the mall, but you of course needed the perfect staples to go with it. From your trendy beach hat to your jelly sandals, there were some pieces that you saw just about everywhere, from poolside to at the food court. Unlike today, when style is more about standing out, the early '00s was all about having the hottest trends so that you could match all your friends. Why people that it was cool to be clones, I may never know, but you didn't ask questions.

Whether you were trying to imitate your favorite celebrity or just fit in with all your friends, odd are you had to have just about every item on this list.

1. Gauchos

Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When spring and summer finally arrived, so did the gauchos. People would wear these with anything from a bikini top to a sports tee. They were pretty much the leggings of the early '00s.

2. Trucker Hat

Ben-Ari Finegold/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Don't even act like you didn't own or want one of these accessories. Almost every celebrity rocked a Von Dutch hat in the early '00s.

3. Jelly Sandals

Stuart Wilson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Jelly sandals weren't the most comfortable summer finds, but they sure were cool. Fortunately they make them in grown-up sizes and they're just as popular now as they ever were.

4. Tube Tops

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This was a classic staple in just about everyone's '00s summer wardrobe.

5. Denim Jean Skirt

Mark Mainz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This was the ~*cOoOoLeSt*~ style for early '00s summers. All the cool girls rocked a denim skirt like this.

6. Bandana Shirts

I will solely blame this trend on the Olsen twins forever.

7. Asymmetrical Skirts

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

They were breezy, easy to wear, and came in all the color combinations that you can possibly dream of. Paired with the aforementioned tube top, this was a classic summer staple.

8. Roxy Bathing Suit

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Roxy was the It-bathing suit brand of the early '00s. People wanted that logo plastered all over their swimsuits.

9. Layered Tanks

Peter Kramer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It didn't matter what colors, sizes, or prints, the more layers the better! Odds are you had a ton of tanks made for layering in your closet and spent way too much time trying to get the perfect match.

You know you had just about every item on this list.

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