17 Nostalgic Fashion Trends From The Early 2000s That Will Make You Miss Your Tattoo Choker

Oh, the 2000s. It was a time when we were all watching Lizzie McGuire and Even Stevens and listening to “Dirrty” by Christina Aguilera while typing our AIM away messages LiKe ThIs. For Millennials, looking back on this period of our lives is like reopening a time capsule filled with some of your fondest memories and most devastating embarrassments; our personal sense of style during those years probably falls into the latter category. But the thing is, even though I hope my fashion sense has evolved since I was preteen, if someone tried to extort me by using photos of me wearing butterfly clips and frosted lip gloss, they’d be coming away empty-handed. I have my share of regrets in life — both fashion and otherwise — but lamenting how I looked in the first several years of the new millennium isn't among them.

Maybe I’m biased by nostalgia, but the 2000s were when I first started picking my own clothes and trying out trends. Shopping and experimenting with my hair were suddenly becoming important to me in a way they hadn’t been before. For a lot of us born in the late 80s and early 90s, the 2000s were when we first started thinking about how our appearances could be an extension of our identities. As embarrassing as some of those old pictures may be, we should think of the clothes we wore and the way we styled our hair as a rite of passage. If nothing else, it made for some great memories. Take a walk down memory lane with me as we revisit some of favorite 2000s trends:

1. Frosted Lip Gloss

In the 2000s, the frostier your lips were, the better they looked. No outfit felt complete without applying three to seven layers of pink lip gloss with a shimmery finish. It was also mandatory that you keep your lip gloss in the back pocket of your jeans (especially at the mall) so everyone would know that you have lip gloss in the back pocket of your jeans.

2. Trucker Hats, Especially Von Dutch Hats

Ben-Ari Finegold/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I owned a Von Dutch hat, and I didn’t even like accessorizing with hats. Even worse, to this day, I don’t know what or who Von Dutch is. I’m pretty sure I saw Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie rocking Von Dutch during an episode of The Simple Life, and when I finally found one at the mall I had to buy it. Owning a Von Dutch hat was an important moment in many a tween’s life in the early 2000s.

3. Lace-Up Jeans

Technically, lace-up anything was haute couture in the 2000s. This might rock your world, but I had lace-up jeans that not only laced in the fly/button area, but also at the bottom of the leg where they flared out. I would often wear those with my pale blue shirt that laced up near the cleavage, which my mom forced me to wear a cami underneath, which I thought was the one element that ruined that look completely.

4. Jeans With No Back Pockets

These made carrying your frosted lip gloss a bit complicated, but we loved jeans with no back pockets. The less pockets, the better. If you wanted to be the envy of everyone in your class, you desperately looked for a pair of lace-up jeans that also had no pockets.

5. Jeans With Bedazzled Pockets

So you couldn’t find any jeans with no pockets, what do you do? Go to the opposite end of back pocket spectrum, of course. Embellished, bedazzled and otherwise ornate back pockets were every bit as trendy as not having any pockets at all. I once owned a pair of jeans whose back pockets were shaped like hearts. As I’m sure you can imagine, they were totally functional and ideal for holding heart-shaped things close to my butt. You may scoff, but unique jeans are coming back in style.

6. Popcorn Shirts

Remember those scrunchy shirts that look like they were made for a toddler but somehow expanded into a normal size when you put them on? Having one of those in your closet was like having a Michael Kors bag today. At the time, those scrunchy, popcorn shirts were where innovation met elegance.

7. Tattoo Choker Necklaces

The tattoo choker necklace was probably the first pair of jewelry I loved, and I wasn’t the only one. In the 2000s, your neck probably felt naked without a tattoo choker on it. There were few worse feelings in those days than when you had to retire one of your tattoo choker necklaces that became too stretched out to accurately be called a choker anymore.

8. Halter Tops

For the rest of my life, I’ll probably never again wear as many halter tops as I did in high school. Maybe during those hormonal, angst-ridden years the ennui of traditionally strapped tops was just too much to bear. Wearing a strappy halter top with our Old Navy flip flops was why most of us looked forward to summer.

9. Pants With Messages On The Butt

Whether it was a saucy “Sassy” in purple cursive or the word “CUTIE” in glittery capital letters, advertising your personality traits on your butt was the coolest in the 2000s. It’s probably just as well these aren’t as common for twentysomthings, because my pants would need to read “Under-caffeinated” or “HANGRY” most of the time.

10. Gaucho Pants

Remember those pants we all wore before yoga pants took their place? They were real, actual garments, but they were the closest you could be to not wearing anything while still covering your lower body? They were called gauchos, and I miss them. While wearing gauchos, it felt like my lower body was ensconced in a very forgiving cloud of fabric and mystery. I miss you, gaucho pants.

11. Airbrushed Shirts

For several years in the 2000s, every mall had a kiosk or a storefront where people were airbrushing custom t-shirts. Most people went the creative route and got one with their name on it, and some couples would even get matching tees. They were all the rage at the time.

12. Studded Belts

I was never actually cool enough to wear one of these because Hot Topic intimidated me at the time, but lots of people I went to school with loved the studded belt. The great thing about the studded belt was that it matched with everything. You could wear it with your Good Charlotte hoodie or your Happy Bunny tee. The studded belt was truly one of the most versatile accessories of the time.

13. Butterfly Clips

No hair accessory has ever been as underrated as the butterfly clip. Whether it was those multicolored ones that came in a pack of ten or the silver, glittery ones that it made it look like a gilded butterfly just landed in your hair, we need to bring butterfly clips back. No hair device has properly restrained my baby hairs since the butterfly clip.

14. Rhinestones

Whether they were peel and stick fake earrings or embellishments on your sunglasses, rhinestones were equivalent to 14 karat diamonds in the 2000s. Tweens are not at all intimidated by a lot of bling, and you ask me, it’s a shame we lose that as we get older. Never again in my life will I be brave enough to wear jeans that had rhinestones running down the side.

15. FUBU, Rocawear, ECKO, And Juicy Couture

These were the must-have designer brands of the 2000s. As long as you owned something from one of those brands, you were pretty much guaranteed to be in style.

16. All Denim Everything

Denim owes a lot to the 2000s. For a long time, we assumed denim could only be used for making jeans and jackets, but that’s just not the spirit of the 2000s. We wanted denim everything. Denim hats, denim skirts, denim dresses, denim jumpers and denim vests. We wanted different colors and washes of denim stitched together. We wanted frayed denim incorporated in as many ways as possible. We wanted to see celebrities wearing denim on the red carpet. We. Loved. Denim.

17. Low-Rise Jeans

Mark Mainz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In the early 2000s, the back middle belt loop of a pair of low rise jeans was probably the most touched thing in junior highs and high schools across the country. Why? Because we were all casually tugging up our low-rise jeans so no one could see London, France, underpants or our butt cracks. Low-rise jeans might’ve been great for flaunting your midriff, but they also made bending over feel like a Cirque de Soleil routine.

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