The 11 Most Epicly '90s Celeb Photos Ever

by Chloe Kent

The 1990s were a weird decade for everyone: The White House was embroiled in bitter political scandal, Dunkaroos were still a thing, Will Smith was just a rapper with a TV show, and Justin Timberlake still allowed the public to see his natural hair (which resembled a bowl of ramen noodles). And, even better, there are '90s celebrity photos to commemorate that ramen noodle hair. I mean, I digress, but the main difference between us and everyone else you're about to read about is this: while you and I were wearing out our tattoo choker necklaces and kicking together the soles of our sneakers so they'd light up, these celebrities were getting kicked out of awards shows for being too drunk, posing with questionable props on the sets of Tiger Beat photoshoots, and generally pushing the '90s forward into the years of crimped hair and metallic pants that became the early 2000s.

Unfortunately, social media wasn't yet around to remind us of their exact thoughts (although I imagine it's better that way), but, luckily for us, there's always the Internet to remind everyone of how bizarre a time the '90s was for everyone around to perpetuate the phrase "talk to the hand." Here are the 11 most epic '90s photos that have been unearthed from the pre-social media rubble.

1. Leo Posing Suggestively With Bananas

David LaChapelle, you slay me.

2. JTT With His Home Improvement Castmates & Some Strangely-Placed Stuffed Animals

...Not to mention those highlights.

3. *NSYNC Decked Out In Lisa Frank

Thank you to everyone involved.

4. Courtney Love & Quentin Tarantino With His Pulp Fiction Oscar in 1995

Iconic in every single way.

5. Lisa Marie & Michael Jackson At The 1994 VMAs

Lisa Marie looks like she's really rethinking her life choices.

6. Mandy Moore's Artfully Messy Bun

I don't know who this Sami character is, but thank you Teen Machine for perfectly capturing what my hair looks like in the morning.

7. The Spice Girls Being The Spice Girls

There's honestly nothing that I don't love about this.

8. Juliette Lewis & Brad Pitt At The 1992 Oscars

You forgot this happened and they dated, but guess who didn't? Me.

9. Marilyn Manson & Rose McGowan's Red Carpet Getups At The 1998 MTV VMAs

Best couple ever indeed.

10. Amanda Bynes

Miss you, kween.

11. Melissa Joan Hart, Tia & Tamera Mowry, Jenna von Oy, Jodie Sweetin, & Andrea Barber At The 1994 Kids’ Choice Awards


But on a serious note: R.I.P. Dunkaroos. You, like these celebrity moments, will be missed.