Lindsay Lohan Recreated 'The Parent Trap' On Instagram In The Best Way — VIDEO

It took her 18 years, but Lindsay Lohan has finally brought back two of her biggest roles to date — or really, maybe just one. On Friday, Lohan recreated a scene from The Parent Trap in the form of a Dubsmash posted on her Instagram page — and guys, it will seriously have you craving to rewatch the movie.

While vacationing at the Courchevel 1850 in the Alps (as she revealed in the tag on the video), Lohan read lines from the 1998 remake of the classic Hayley Mills film. For those of you who live under a desolate rock, this was the film that skyrocketed little Lohan from average tween to bona fide star — I mean, she pulled off an English accent in that movie! In the incredibly influential film, Lohan played not one, but two parts as both red-headed Annie James and Hallie Parker, identical twins who discover during summer camp that they were separated at birth and raised by one of their biological parents. It's there, that they devise a plan to bring their parents and families back together once and for all.

In the video, it's clear Lohan's still got a killer sense of humor. The 29-year-old actress imitates Annie: “Actually, we’re all quite fine in here, unless Hallie Parker knows something we don’t know.” The line is, obviously, from the scene where Annie and Hallie's camp feud reaches its height during an epic prank wars battle in Annie's cabin:

Even better, Lohan's #TBT did not stop there. On March 17, St. Patrick's Day, the actress also posted a picture of her clearly favorite twin Annie, with the caption: "Happy #St.Patrick'sDayReds, May your blessings out number the shamrocks that grow. And may trouble avoid you wherever you go."

OK, Lindz, now we just need the handshake with Martin, another viewing of The Parent Trap, and we will all be set to get through another 18 years.