How To Hear Drake's Newest Song

While not a new song from Drake, "Come and See Me" sure sounds like it. PartyNextDoor, an artist signed to Drake's OVO label, released the tune early Sunday morning, and not only does it feature a verse from Drake, but it's generally inflected with Drizzy's signature vulnerability and ear for catchy, repetitive hooks. It's a very chill track, perfect for a moody Sunday morning. But if you're interested in hearing the new song, "Come and See Me" isn't on Spotify just yet — instead, SoundCloud is your best bet for checking out Drizzy's latest collaboration.

Still, it may be disappointing for those who typically get their music from Spotify, as the new song isn't available on the streaming platform, or many others, quite yet. You can, however, find previous PartyNextDoor and Drake collaborations on Spotify, from "Preach" from If You're Reading This It's Too Late to "Over Here — feat. Drake" from PartyNextDoor's self-titled debut album. So hey, it's something, and perhaps the new song will arrive on the site before long, ready for you to listen to it on repeat until Drake's Views From the 6 drops.

Interestingly, "Come and See Me" doesn't appear to be a standalone track, but instead seems to be the first single off of PartyNextDoor's upcoming album. Before he posted the link to the track, PartyNextDoor tweeted "P3 starts tonight." P3 is almost guaranteed to be a reference to his upcoming album, as it fits with his naming convention starting with his last album "PARTYNEXTDOOR TWO." Since the previous two albums are on Spotify, it seems likely that the first time it will be accessible on the streaming platform is when the album's released. None of PartyNextDoor's previous singles have been released as standalone tracks, so it looks like fans will just have to wait for the album's release. And while there isn't a release date yet, this first single is definitely a good sign.