Get Ready For A New Drake Tour

Drake is just full of surprises lately. Over the weekend, the "Hotline Bling" singer gifted SXSW attendees with an unexpected guest appearance and set at the Fader Fort in Austin, Texas — and then the rapper announced a new tour. But can you buy tickets to Drake's tour yet and start planning to see him rock out? Unfortunately, not yet — but there are plenty of other details about the upcoming shows to get you excited. According to Rolling Stone, Drake teased news of the tour, which will visit Austin, Houston, and Dallas, among other cities, after he performed his SXSW set. The tour will be in support of his upcoming album Views From The 6, set for release this April. Sadly, though, there hasn't been a formal announcement of dates, venues, other cities, or ticket vendors as of yet — but I wouldn't be surprised if that info appeared online soon. Get ready to jump on it, because I have a feeling those tickets will go fast.

"I got nothing else to do but be here with you all in Austin," Drake told the crowd at Fader Fort, according to Entertainment Weekly, before performing the songs "Know Yourself, "Energy," "Back to Back," "Jumpman," and "Summer 16." Yet Rolling Stone reported that the rapper soon admitted he does have a few things going on — namely, Views From The 6 coming out soon and his hot new upcoming tour. Unsurprisingly, the latter was news that delighted fans to no end on Twitter.

Frustratingly, Drake was very unspecific about the timing of it all. According to Rolling Stone, the Canadian rapper said that Views From The 6 would be "coming in how many weeks." Exactly, Drake, that's what we all want to know: In how many weeks will the album drop? Two? Three? 52? One can assume that the tickets going on sale for the tour will probably go on sale around the same time as Views' release. And since artists these days like to drop albums within a moment's notice, I think Drake has plenty more surprises in store for his fans. I'll just have to keep my wallet ready.

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