Prepare for 'Vampire Academy' With Best Quotes from 'Mean Girls' & 'Heathers'

By Kaitlin Reilly
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The snarkiest take on the vampire movie trend, the Vampire Academy hits theaters Friday. While you may have rolled your eyes at the promise of yet another supernatural teen franchise, you should definitely give this film a shot — if for pedigree alone. The film boasts a sibling writer/director team already schooled in how to make a classic high school film. Mark Waters, director of Mean Girls, and his brother, Daniel Waters, writer of Heathers, are here to make sure that Vampire Academy doesn't suck. (Pun totally intended.)

Why do we love Mean Girls and Heathers with such passion? Probably because, in addition to being hysterical satires on cruel-girl-world culture, they are also amazingly quotable. Here are our favorite quotes from the movies that make us so thankful to be done with high school.

Images: New World Pictures; Paramount Pictures

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