26 'Bachelor' Products Every Super Fan Needs

by Marenah Dobin

If you thought Bachelor Nation could not get more devoted, think again, because there are plenty of ways to take your Bachelor dedication to the next level. Aside from watching The Bachelor and its various spin-offs, following the stars on social media, and discussing all the drama with anyone who cares to listen to you, you can make The Bachelor a part of your every day life. No, I'm not talking about applying for the reality TV show, although that would really be the ideal way to live out The Bachelor lifestyle. Instead, there are a lot of Bachelor -inspired products available for super fans to purchase. From T-shirts to wine glasses and everything in between, you can really live a full-on Bachelor lifestyle.

With products like these, the only thing that will be missing in your Bachelor life is Chris Harrison's dramatic interjections while you try to make important decisions. I have no idea who thought to make all of these items, but I am happy someone did. A lot of them make sense to have and others are just way too amusing for anyone to actually buy, but if you want to be the biggest Bachelor super fan ever, then these are the kind of things that you need to have in your life.

1. "Being A Mom Is My Jam" Shirt

Being A Mom Is My Jam, $22, Etsy

Amanda Stanton was too cute (as per usual) during The Women Tell All episode this season when she said "Being a mom is my jam." It was an instantly quotable statement, so it's not shocking that it is already on a T-shirt. I'm sure that there are plenty of moms who would love to rock this tee.

2. "What Would Chris Harrison Do?" Tank Top

WWCHD Tee, $19, Etsy

When in doubt, channel your inner Chris Harrison. And if that's hard for you to handle, then wearing this tank top will definitely help you get in that mindset.

3. "Wine Bachelor And Yoga Pants" Tank Top

Wine Bachelor & Yoga Pants Tank, $25, Etsy

If you follow any of the Bachelor and Bachelorette alums on Instagram, this tank top has to look familiar. It seems like they all have it, so obviously you need it too if you want to be like Kaitlyn Bristowe, and Jade and Tanner Tolbert.

4. "Wine Bachelor And Yoga Pants" Glass

Wine Bachelor & Yoga Pants Glass, $10, Etsy

If you end up buying the "Wine Bachelor & Yoga Pants" tank top, you might as well grab a stemless glass to go with it. Oh, and some wine to fill it up. That is the only way to have the complete Bachelor-watching experience.

5. "You're My Person" Digital Print

You're My Person Digital Print, $4, Etsy

Even though The Bachelor finale with Ben Higgins just aired, there are already products inspired by his proposal to Lauren Bushnell. When they finally got together they both said, "You're my person," which I recognize as a Grey's Anatomy reference. Nevertheless, you can purchase this digital print to commemorate the finale.

6. " Bachelor & Chill" Off The Shoulder Top

Bachelor & Chill Shirt, $22, Etsy

There's no better way to get a Bachelor fan to hang out with you on a Monday night than inviting them to "Bachelor & Chill" — other than buying them this top, that is. It would be a great gift for any Bachelor super fan.

7. "The Most Dramatic Rose Ceremony Ever" Tank

The Most Dramatic Rose Ceremony Tank, $19, Etsy

Since pretty much every elimination is described as "the most dramatic rose ceremony ever," this is a tank top that can be worn every single Monday night.

8. Baby Bib

Bachelorette Bachelor Bib, $11, Cafe Press

It's never too early to start watching reality TV. Am I right? Get your little one addicted to the show right from the start with this bib. You can get baby blue, baby pink, or green — so, basically, you have no excuse not to buy this.

9. "Here For The Right Reasons" Mug

The Bachelor Mug, $10, Cafe Press

Anyone who watches these shows is well aware that "here for the right reasons" is a chronically recycled phrase. And there is no better reason to be anywhere than having a cup of coffee, so this quote on a mug makes perfect sense.

10. "I'd Rather Be Watching The Bachelor " Tote

Rather Watch The Bachelor Tote, $15, Cafe Press

Show off your Bachelor love everywhere you go by wearing this tote bag on your shoulder.

11. "Will You Accept This Rosé" Tank Top

Will You Accept This Rose Tank, $20, Etsy

This tank top is a clever play on words. Since not all of us are lucky enough to accept roses from our suitors, a glass of rosé will have to do.

12. Boxers

Live Love The Bachelor Boxers, $18, Cafe Press

Even though a lot of people won't see you in your boxers (in theory), this is another way to be loyal to the reality TV franchise. I'm sure are plenty of dudes that wouldn't find these boxers to be weird at all...

13. Girls Night Wine Glasses

Bachelor Wine Glasses, $14, Etsy

There is no better girls night than watching The Bachelor and drinking some wine. These cute stemless wine glasses are decorated on both sides with "the most dramatic rose ceremony ever" on one side and "girls wine night" on the other. How perfect!

14. The Bachelor Wine Glass

The Bachelor Wine Glass, $20, Etsy

There are never enough wine glasses when it comes to Bachelor-themed merchandise. This one has a pretty glittered stem and a stenciled logo on it. It is essential for any TV-viewing session.

15. Mousepad

The Bachelor Mousepad, $16, ABC Store

Make your work day a little more entertaining with a Bachelor mousepad to scroll with Monday through Friday.

16. "It's Me Juan Pablo Dreams Of" Shirt

Juan Pablo Shirt, $15, Cafe Press

I have no idea who would want this Juan Pablo shirt, but maybe absence makes the mind grow fonder when it comes to off-putting reality TV stars?

17. "Team Ben" Shirt

Team Ben T-Shirt, $16, Cafe Press

Up until that rocky finale, I feel like everyone was Team Ben, so it only makes sense to have a T-shirt to support the lovable Bachelor star.

18. "Ben There Want That" Shirt

Ben The Bachelor Tee, $15, Cafe Press

Ben is one of those names that very easily lends itself to puns, so why not get a Ben Higgins-inspired shirt.

19. Dog Tee

Drama On The Bachelor Dog T-Shirt, $20, Cafe Press

Dogs can be Bachelor fans, too. Get your dog this shirt so he can show off his devotion to the reality TV franchise.

20. Pink Undies

The Bachelor Undies, $24, Cafe Press

You can show off your love for the show by wearing these undies. I'm not sure who the message on them would be directed at, but that's your own private business.

21. Infant Blanket

Keep Calm & Watch The Bachelor Blanket, $15, Cafe Press

Make your child a Bachelor fan straight out of the womb with this "Keep Calm and Watch The Bachelor " infant blanket. It comes in baby pink and baby blue, so it's perfect for any infant in your life.

22. Cooking Apron

The Bachelor Apron, $23, ABC Store

Keep your clothes protected and be a Bachelor fan by wearing this logo apron. You know you need it.

23. Drinking Game Magnet

The Bachelor Magnet, $5, Cafe Press

Even with just two rules, the Bachelor drinking game on this magnet is enough to get anyone a little tipsy. Not only can you keep important papers on the fridge, but you can also rep the Bachelor Nation at the same time.

24. "The Future Mrs. Womack" Mug

Mrs. Womack Mug ,$16, Cafe Press

After two rounds of being the Bachelor, there is still a vacant spot to be Mrs. Brad Womack. Maybe getting this mug will be a good luck charm for a prospective suitor.

25. iPad Sleeve

The Bachelor iPad Sleeve, $39, Cafe Press

Protect your iPad in style with this red and white iPad sleeve. There is no cuter way to accessorize your technology.

26. The Bachelor : The Video Game

The Bachelor Video Game, $8, Amazon

If you can't get cast on the show, but still want to act like a Bachelor, Bachelorette, or one of the suitors, then get this Bachelor video game to get the experience.

Just when you thought that you couldn't be more of a Bachelor fan, these 26 products provide enough opportunity to take your fandom to the next step.

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