Vita Could Stir Up Trouble On 'Nashville'

Now that Rayna and Deacon are pretty much settled on Nashville, it’s time to bring some new sources of drama into the mix. It’s always nice to get some fresh blood (and hear some fresh music), and the latest newcomer joining Nashville Season 4 is Vita Martin. TV Guide' description of the March 23 episode only reveals that she’s a new-to-the-Nashville-scene singer and songwriter, who shows up at The Beverly and causes problems between Rayna, Deacon, and Deacon’s business partner, Frankie. Ah, nothing gold can stay, can it?

Vita is played by actress Jeananne Goossen. If you’re thinking that she looks familiar on your television, you’re absolutely correct — Goossen has had roles on shows like The Walking Dead, The Night Shift, Darknet, NCIS: Los Angeles, The Following, Emily Owens, M.D., Alcatraz, and Suits, as well as in the Channing Tatum/Rachel McAdams flick The Vow. What kind of trouble could Goossen rustle up as Vita at The Beverly (and beyond)? I have some predictions for her role on Nashville Season 4.

Issues Between Rayna & Deacon

Deacon is usually the jealous one in Deacon and Rayna’s relationship, so it would be interesting to see Rayna feel those pangs for once. Perhaps Vita and Deacon have one hell of a songwriting connection, unseen since the early days of Deacon and Rayna — I don’t think that Rayna would take too kindly to that. Unless she looked at in strictly the professional sense and in that case...

Saving Highway 65

It’s no secret that the artists on Rayna’s record label aren’t selling like she wants. Juliette was on Highway 65, and then she had postpartum depression and went through a fugue state where she recorded and took the album away from Rayna. Markus Keen is only interested in Rayna or solo glory. Sadie killed her ex-husband and bailed on Nashville. Layla is getting there, but she’s not ready for the spotlight. Perhaps Vita is a diamond in the rough, who Rayna will see something in, and sign her and release a megahit album.

Love For Gunnar

Nashville will likely extend the “will-they-or-won’t-they” between Gunnar and Scarlett for, oh, at least another three seasons, so why not let Gunnar have some fun in the meantime? He currently has a fling with Erin, but Vita could be his next partner. Maybe they’ll write songs together, and it could blossom into a beautiful romance — and another source of stress for Scarlett, which will only increase her own songwriting.

We may not know much about Vita Martin’s role, but I have a feeling her Nashville debut won't exactly be quiet.

Images: Mark Levine/ABC; Giphy (3)