What Happens If Your Skin Doesn't Get Enough Water

by Lindsey Rose Black

Since our bodies are basically made of 60 percent water, sipping on enough of the stuff everyday is pretty important. But if just knowing you're supposed to drink water isn't enough of a reason to motivate you to actually do it, check out these weird things that happen to your skin when you don't drink enough water below. They're intense enough to make you take a gulp of H2O right now.

The good news is that whole diehard "drink eight glasses of water a day" rule is kind of a myth. According to MayoClinic, "The [adequate intake] for women is about nine cups (2.2 liters) of total beverages a day," but every body is different.

Women's Health pointed out how that "your daily requirement depends on ... your unique body chemistry." Other factors to consider include your exercise level, the weather, an illness, or pregnancy, and you should definitely hit up your doctor if you feel unsure about how much you need.

As for knowing when you're definitely not getting enough water and what can happen to your skin, I reached out to Dr. David E. Bank at The Center for Dermatology in Westchester, NY. If you're experiencing any of the symptoms below, definitely reach for some water asap.

1. Dry Skin

The first thing Dr. Bank tells me is "if you do not drink enough water your skin will not be properly moisturized internally which can lead to dry and haggard looking skin." No thank you.

2. More Obvious Wrinkles

Even though wrinkles can be gorgeous, Bank points out, "You may experience more wrinkles if you do not drink enough water [because] water helps plump the skin internally.

3. Breakouts

According to Bonamour, "Dehydration can cause breakouts because your body isn't getting rid of toxins like it should." Keep sipping for clear skin!

4. Chapped Lips

As shared on HealthKart, "dehydration is one of the main causes of chapped lips," and this fits in with Dr. Bank's point that you need water for plump skin (including your pout!).

5. Dark Circles Under Eyes

GoldenGateOBGyn explained, "the area under the eye is extremely susceptible to dehydration ... [and] dehydration [can make] dark circles more obvious."

6. Gray Face

Lawrence E. Armstrong, PhD and head of the University of Connecticut's kinesiology department, told Prevention that if your face starts to turn a grayish shade, "that's the body saying, 'I need that fluid elsewhere,' so it shuts off blood vessels to the face."

7. No Sweat

Not sweating is another indicator that you're dehydrated. J. Timothy Lightfoot, PhD and director of the Huffiness Institute for Sports Medicine and Human Performance at Texas A&M, told Prevention, "We don't have enough fluid to both sweat and pump blood to the muscles, so it starts selectively shutting down some processes." Sweat happens to be one of them, so if you've been working out hard and suddenly cease to sweat, it's time for a water break.

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