16 Celebs Who Are Big Tippers

Like anyone who sees Hamilton for the first time — not that I'd know :( :( :( — Amy Schumer fangirled her face off in a series of Instagram posts that made headlines over the weekend. She not only took in the Grammy Award-winning hit show (you know, the one that is virtually impossible to get tickets to), but she also hung with the cast, posed with the Playbills, oh, and generously tipped her bartender $1,000. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Schumer's beyond generous tip for her Hamilton bartender is making the rounds all across the Internet. (In typical Amy Schumer fashion, she later tweeted, "This is really embarrassing but I've fallen on hard times and I need that money back.") Of course, Schumer is far from the first star to be such a generous tipper — in fact, she joins the ranks of many celebs who are big tippers.

Whether they do it to be kind, because they can understand trying to make ends meet, or even just to flaunt their wealth ("Look how many Benjamins I can drop!") celebs who tip well definitely earn a special place in the hearts of the general public. And it's not just the occasional star, either — there are many celebs who have been known to drop several hundred (and even several thousand) on waitstaff. Check 'em out below.

1. Amy Schumer

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Schumer's generosity at Hamilton is not the first time the actor has tipped well. According to Page Six, Schumer was eating at a restaurant out on Long Island this past summer, and left her waiter — a college student named Ryan working two jobs to pay for school — a $500 tip. On a $49 bill.

2. Taylor Swift


T. Swift is one of the most charitable celebrities out there, frequently going above and beyond for fans, fellow artists, and people in general. So it should really come as no surprise that after dining out in Philadelphia with Red tour mates Ed Sheeran and Austin Mahone, the singer dropped a $500 tip and gave the chef and his son free tickets to her show, E! News reports.

3. Justin Bieber

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Despite the fact that Bieber's $1600 bar tab was comped by the Atlanta bar he visited, according to TMZ, he still tipped his two waitresses $200 each (a 25 percent tip, if you're calculating that kinda thing).

4. Rihanna

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During a night out at the Laugh Factory in L.A., Rihanna made a young waiter's day when she tipped $200 on an $80 bill, TMZ reports.

5. Britney Spears

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When it came time to pay the bill at The Cheesecake Factory (not even celebrities can resist that brown bread), there was a bit of a mixup in Britney Spears' camp. According to TMZ, she thought that her bodyguard had paid, and he thought that she had paid, actually (and embarrassingly) resulting in no one paying. In addition to ending up footing the $30 bill, Spears tipped the waitress $100 (a 300 percent tip!), the site claims.

6. Kim Kardashian

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When you're living a life as luxurious as Kim Kardashian's, dropping a $300 tip on a $200 bill is no biggie, which Kardashian did according to TMZ. But for her waiter at Brennan's in NOLA (where the reality star and pals chowed down), being on the receiving end of that kind of generosity is pretty darn sweet.

7. John Legend

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When John Legend goes out with his boys, he doesn't forget his manners — once leaving his waitress a hefty $500 tip, according to the New York Post.

8. Jay Z

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RadarOnline claims that when Jay Z spent a whopping $250,000 poppin' bottles at a Miami night club, he was equally as generous when it came time to pay the bill. He reportedly left a 20 percent tip ($50,000!) on the service.

9. David Beckham

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Hollyscoop reports that David Beckham once tipped $1,000 on a $100 bill. As for his generosity, his rep had this to say: "David certainly tips well, usually because of good service."

10. Demi Lovato


According to local CBS Minnesota, Demi Lovato paid it forward to some local kids at a Kool-Aid stand. After buying some popsicles, popcorn, and Kool-Aid, the singer gave the kids a $100 bill — and happily posed for pictures with their treats.

11. Harry Styles

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According to J-14, Harry Styles tipped big while celebrating his sister Gemma's birthday, tipping their waitress $600.

12. Brad Pitt

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After Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie dined at a Japanese restaurant in Berlin, Pitt generously tipped the waitress the equivalent of $720 USD — a big enough tip that the stunned waitress was able to share it with "15 of my colleagues," she told The Sun.

13. Jessica Simpson

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According to the New York Daily News, Jessica Simpson didn't just tip 60 percent ($300) on a $500 bill, she also wrote a kind note to her waitress: "You were amazing and make this world a better place, Love Jess."

14. Johnny Depp

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Real talk: Has there ever been a better tipper than Johnny Depp? The actor once tipped a Chicago waiter a whopping $4,000, the waiter told RadarOnline, adding that he's waited on Depp before and the actor calls him by his nickname.

15. Russell Crowe

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Say what you will about Russell Crowe, but no one can deny that the man tips well. According to Hello magazine, the actor once tipped the staff at a Wales pub 600 pounds, which translates to roughly $860 USD. That's no small change!

16. Paris Hilton


According to Page Six, Paris Hilton racked up a $230K bill at Marquee nightclub — and subsequently tipped $47,000 on it. Ah, to be deliriously wealthy.

Shoutout to the celebs who know the importance of treating their waiters and bartenders well. Here's to paying it forward!