Amy Schumer Officially Joins The 'Hamilton' Fandom

Amy Schumer is known for her authenticity. In other words, she's not afraid to be her true self, whether that's reflected in her stand-up comedy or acceptance speeches where she thanks her makeup artist. Tying into her genuineness, she's not above fangirling during major moments. For example, Schumer saw Hamilton on Broadway on Saturday and naturally, she reacted as anyone in her position would — with a bunch of Instagram posts and a caption that simply says, "Abhhhhhh." According to People, she was joined by her boyfriend Ben Hanisch, her sister Kim Caramele, and several other friends. After the show, she even got to meet the cast.

Considering the hit show is sold-out, it's pretty awesome that Schumer got to see it live. The closest most people will get is rewatching the Hamilton cast's performance at the Grammys over and over again on YouTube. (It's not quite the same as seeing it in-person, but it sure can be a solid substitute.) I'm guessing that whoever went to see the Broadway show on Saturday was equally excited to be in the same venue as the Trainwreck star.

The comedian's connection to the musical goes even further. Entertainment Weekly recently reported that Lin-Manuel Miranda will be making a cameo on the new season of Inside Amy Schumer. The Comedy Central series returns on April 21, but in the meantime, fans can live vicariously through Schumer's photos from Hamilton. Sure, it's not the same as seeing the actual performance, but her reactions prove that it's worth they hype.

Meeting The Cast

Oh, the perks of being a celebrity! Schumer's facial expression says it all.

Posing With The Playbills

What better proof of being at a musical than showing off your playbill? Also, check out that caption.

Hamilton Fan Club

The single expletive in the caption sums up anyone's reaction to the show.

Based on all of the above, Schumer has officially joined the Hamilton fan club — and isn't afraid who knows it.