Apple's Liam Has A Very Particular Set Of Skills

At the March 2016 Apple event, Apple announced the creation of "Liam," a robot that can take apart old iPhones in a way that makes it super easy to recycle them. And if you're thinking there's a funny connection with the name there, you're not alone — memes of the Apple Liam robot equating the device to Liam NButeeson burst onto the scene faster than you could say Taken 3.

As you can imagine, Liam comes with an, ah, "particular set of skills" that it obviously acquired over a very long career before it was announced to the world. Announced by Lisa Jackson, Apple’s senior vice president of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives, Liam basically rips apart iPhones to recycle crucial parts of the phones, like the precious metals that can be found throughout the frame of the phone. And Liam intuitively knows which parts are salvageable and which aren't.

But the jokes about the new robot and its skills didn't stop with Liam Neeson. Clever Twitter users also brought Liam Payne of One Direction into the mix, claiming the debate over Liam vs. Zayn is something Siri would clearly have an opinion on. Here's a look at some of the best memes and jokes about Liam people had to offer during the Apple event.

If Liam the robot is as skilled as Liam the actor or Liam the singer, it's pretty safe to say that the iPhones whose lives are sadly over will go on to live a happy, greener life thanks to the robot's recycling abilities.