Meghan Trainor’s "No" Is Very Britney Spears

Among the veritable sea of pop stars we’re exposed to today, we’ve come to expect a sort of Easter-hued bubblegum flavor when it comes to Meghan Trainor, and that’s why I’m emotionally reeling right now. On Monday Trainor’s “No” music video hit the internet and she’s traded in the hyper-feminine baby soft pastels from “All About That Bass” and “Lips Are Movin’” for something distinctly darker — and hyper-sexual. In fact, more daunting than any of this is the fact that “No” gives off serious Britney Spears in “Oops... I Did It Again” vibes.

Why? Well, aside from the fact that the actual songs sounds totally identical compared to her usual bouncy track, it’s evident that Trainor is going full throttle on the sex appeal this time around. That alone harkens back to when Spears descended on planet “Mars” cloaked in her scarlet jump suit. And while there’s no spaceman or awkward Titanic reference, there’s definitely something in here (or several somethings, as we’re about to explore) that makes the video is very “Oops” reminiscent.

But hey, don’t take my word for it. Feel free to watch the video below for yourself, and then scroll down to relive why “No” is totally Trainor’s Britney Spears moment.

1. When It Hits You With The Quasi-Futuristic Aesthetics

The color palettes couldn't be more opposite, and I think Spears is supposed to be on Mars while Trainor is supposed to be in... a warehouse? Still, there's nothing vintage-y about this.

2. When We Get A Glimpse Of Shiny PVC Clothing

Trainor has a kind of half-raincoat, half-trenchcoat on versus a catsuit, so my guess is that she squeaks a lot less when she moves.

3. When She's Being Surrounded Like She's The Center Of The Whole Goddamn Universe

Spears, as the veritable alien Princess of Mars, might actually be the center of her minions' universe. Trainor may just be the most popular chick in the warehouse-bordello, but that's cool, too.

4. When The Synchronized Dancing Starts Up Like It's 1999

So with kind of too-accurate precision.

5. When We Get This Gratuitous Aerial Shot

I think in both music videos it's kind of an inexplicable thing.

6. When We're Hit With Strategic Use Of Red

"Oops" is all strategic use of red, whereas "No" chooses to slap you with it for impact.

7. When We Get A Whole Lot Of Midriff, Even If It's Not From Trainor Herself

I'm just stoked that some late '90s-inspired crop top game gets to make an appearance.

8. When She Re-Brands Herself As A Strong, Sexual Woman, In More Red

To be fair, Spears was already working the lolita thing way before "Oops," but there's a big step between school girl uniform and bondage one-piece (or... not, you could pick up either at your local Condom Kingdom).

9. When She's Being Erotically Flanked By Gorgeous People

Ok, Spears was never groped like... that, but look closely and there's a lot of muscle-bound workmen in the "Oops" video that definitely count for something.

10. When She Had Strong Lip Game

Trainor's lips are moving to a purple statement color, whereas Spears had the glossiest pout in pop.



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