Barbara Needs to Check Herself ASAP

Barbara Walters is really on a roll this week. Not in a Barbara Says the Darndest Things type of way, but in a "WTF this needs to stop now" kind of way. On Monday, Walters' comments defending her friend Woody Allen against sexual abuse accusations from his adoptive daughter Dylan Farrow left many viewers angry and in shock. Now, on Thursday, Barbara Walter's comments to her ABC colleague Elizabeth Vargas have us thinking that she really just doesn't care to think before she speaks.

Vargas, an anchor for 20/20, was being interviewed on The View about going to rehab after being an alcoholic for many years, and bravely stepped forth to discuss why she checked in. However, Walters seemed to snidely beat her to the punch when Vargas was revealing when she knew she needed to get help.

"I showed up for a shoot on 20/20 and I was in no condition to shoot that interview," Vargas says.

"Well, we knew," Walters suddenly interrupted. "I'm very fond of Elizabeth and very proud of her. We knew, but that's not the same as finally, in that sense, hitting the bottom."

"No, but what triggered her to say, 'It's time for me ...'" Jenny McCarthy says.

"It was public at that point," Walters says.

"No, it wasn't," Vargas says, looking confusedly at Walters.

"No, but we all knew," Walters says, looking even more confused.

Ummm... this is just one big pot of awkward and no bueno. When you have a guest on your show revealing their own struggle with being an alcoholic, why don't you let them explain their story the way they want to? Even though Walters and Vargas are colleagues and friends, it doesn't matter. They weren't by themselves discussing the issue on Walters' couch. This was Vargas' chance to tell her story to the country and Walters made herself look like an ass in the process. It's uncomfortable to watch Walters get on her soapbox and blur the lines of friendship when it's not necessary or hurts others in the process.

Walters and Vargas have since both denied that there are any hurt feelings between them after the awkward exchange.

"I love Elizabeth and have great admiration for her," Walters says to the New York Post. "I never would have deliberately said anything to hurt her, and I called to tell her that."

"This is silly! Barbara is a colleague and a friend," Vargas says to the outlet.

They can air-kiss all they want, but Vargas' face during the whole exchange was pure "Are you kidding me?"