The 16 Biggest 'Batman v Superman' Spoilers

by Rachel Simon

After many, many years of waiting, one of comic books' biggest events is finally coming to the big screen: Batman and Superman, fighting it out once and for all (well, at least until the next movie). In Mar. 25's Batman v Superman, the two iconic heroes duke it out on the big screen, making for one of the most epic movie events of the year. Yet if you're not sure if you're gonna make it to the theater to see it happen — or just want to be well-prepared for what you're about to experience — then read on for the 16 biggest Batman v Superman spoilers from the new movie.

Some of the spoilers below are pretty huge (who wins the titular fight is included among them) but some are more minor, still significant pieces of information but not ones that'll make or break your viewing experience if you do decide to go buy a movie ticket. Yet regardless, beware; if you want to go into Batman v Superman relatively unsullied, then step away from this post and get yourself to the theater. Otherwise, read on for the movie's biggest shocks and spoilers.

1. Superman Has Both Fans & Enemies

Although some people consider Superman nothing but a hero, plenty of others think he does more damage than help, such as a guy, Wallace, whose legs were crushed by a building the Man of Steel toppled while saving someone else. Some government officials want Superman held responsible for his actions, and Batman, too, wants Superman taken down.

2. Batman Is A Total Vigilante

Meanwhile, Batman is also playing hero, but with little concern for the welfare of the bad guys he finds. He brands many of them with a Bat logo. Superman is not impressed.

3. Lex Luthor Visits The Kryptonian Ship

And then there's the evil Lex, who gets access to the crashed Kryptonian ship in order to figure out a way to bring Superman down. He finds Kryptonite, and the body of the dead General Zod. Not a good combination.

4. Wonder Woman Thinks Lex Stole A Photo From Her

And not just any photo — one of her, 100 years ago, in full costume. Understandably, she wants it back, and she tells Bruce Wayne this when they run into each other at a party at Lex's house, which Clark also attends.

5. Lex & Wallace Blow Up A Courtroom

At a hearing attended by Superman, bombs go off, killing many and creating massive chaos. Superman is blamed by some for it, despite the viewer knowing it's actually Lex and Wallace, who've teamed up, who cause the explosions.

6. Lex Resurrects Zod

Back in the Kryptonian ship, Lex does some evil stuff and resurrects the body of General Zod into a new, far more dangerous creature.

7. Martha Kent Is Kidnapped

Lex's people kidnap Clark's mother, and Lex tells Clark that she will die unless Clark kills Batman. Lex also nearly kills Lois Lane, just for the fun of it.

8. Wonder Woman Finds Out There Are Other Heroes

Meanwhile, Bruce has found Wonder Woman's missing photo, and sends it to her — along with proof that they're not the only heroes out there. He shows her videos of The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg, which, naturally, capture her interest.

9. Batman And Superman Fight

Living up to their movie's title, Batman and Superman engage in a huge fight. For most of it, Superman takes the lead, but Batman eventually brings out Kryptonite, weakening his enemy greatly. Superman is saved when Lois steps in, and Batman learns that Lex has kidnapped Martha.

10. Batman Rescues Martha

By killing a bunch of guys and getting to her in the nick of time.

11. Lex Brings Out Doomsday

When Superman regains his strength and goes to face Lex, Lex unleashes his creature, Doomsday, who begins to fight Superman. Superman attempts to take him down, even bringing him into outer space, but nothing is successful; even when the government sends nukes there in an attempt to kill the monster, Doomsday simply becomes more powerful. Eventually, both he and Superman come back down to Earth and continue the fight.

12. The Heroes Team Up

Batman, Superman and, in an awesome appearance, Wonder Woman team up to bring down Doomsday. No one is successful, because they realize that only a Kryptonian weapon will do the trick. So Superman goes to get a Kryptonian spear, despite knowing that it could kill him, too.

13. Superman Sacrifices Himself

After getting the spear (and rescuing Lois, who'd accidentally been trapped underwater), Superman decides to sacrifice himself in order to kill Doomsday. It works, and Superman dies.

14. Lex Is Put In Jail

Lex, meanwhile, is arrested for his crimes and gets his head shaved to its legendary baldness. Later, he gets a visit from Batman, who threatens his life and promises to get revenge.

15. Everyone Attends Superman's Funeral

Lois (who's been told by Martha that Clark planned to propose), Bruce, and Wonder Woman all attend Clark's funeral, while a bigger memorial goes on in Metropolis. While there, Batman and WW talk about teaming up and finding the other heroes out there.

16. Superman Comes Back To Life

Because no real hero stays dead for long, the movie ends with a glimmer of hope — the dirt on Clark's casket rising, as he presumably comes back to life inside.

Now that you know what happens in BvS, do yourself a favor and check out the movie, too. Even having the inside scoop shouldn't stop you from enjoying the real thing.

Images: Warner Bros; Giphy