17 Most Surprising Things About Sex

by Emma McGowan

One of the great things about getting more sexual experience, whether that’s with multiple partners or the same partner, is discovering that things you’d previously thought were a definite no-go are actually, well, kind of awesome. I think that it’s actually pretty common to be surprised by your first time having sex or when you start to enjoy a sexual act that you previously reacted to in ways similar to how the average 8-year-old boy reacts to kissing girls. (Basically: “Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!”) In fact, a lot of us have gone through this experience simply by going through puberty and all of sudden thinking that kissing not only might not be gross but might, in fact, be the ultimate.

But even way, way past puberty, a lot of us learn that sex acts we’d taken off the table at one point are now super hot. I think that anal sex, for example, is a great example for a lot of people these days. Because anal is all too often the butt of the joke (too easy) in pop culture, there are a lot of misconceptions about it — especially amongst young people. However, I’ve heard from more and more friends (as well as seen on television: who can forget that analingus scene in Girls ?) that anal is practically passé these days.

If you can relate to that transformation of feeling from “Oh, no!” to “Yes, please!” check out these 17 stories from Reddit users about being surprised by loving certain sex acts much, much more than they thought they would — and really not loving some others.

1. BJs Are Overrated But Cunnilingus Is Heaven

2. Butt Stuff? Yes Please!

3. All About That Make Out

4. Into Having Sex, Not Into Making Love

5. Going — And Staying — Downtown

6. Hidden Issues

7. How Fun It Is!

8. Surprisingly Kinky, And Blowjobs Are Hard

9. Neck Kisses Are Where It's AT

10. Sex Is Much More Exhausting Than Expected

11. Even Dudes Need Foreplay

12. Aggressive Can Be A-OK

13. Not So Vanilla...

14. Orgasms Are Harder Than They Look On TV

15. Orgasms? Meh.

16. Shades Of Twilight

17. Basically Everything

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