OCC's New In Bloom Lip Tars Are Available Here

Ultra-matte, suede-like lips aren't the only trend when it comes to pouts in 2016. While Kylie Lip Kits remain all the rage when it comes to painting one's pucker, other textures and finishes, like metallic, remain majorly viable. The one constant, regardless? Bold, impactful, and "Look at me!" lips. Case in point: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics' new In Bloom capsule collection, which boasts six of the brand's signature, saturated Lip Tars. These half-dozen Lip Tars were created exclusively for one of your favorite hip and cool retail outlets. Where and when can you get the ultra-pigmented, drenched-in-color lacquers?

As of right now, OCC's In Bloom Lip Tars are available via the Urban Outfitters website. The full collection will be made available at 10 Urban Outfitters stores located in New York, L.A., San Francisco, San Diego, Santa Monica, Las Vegas, Dallas, and McLean, Virgina as of April 4.

The new Lip Tars, formerly sold at Sephora and at the time housed in a squeeze tube, are now packaged in a tube with a wand. These colors, though! They are super spring ready. Shrinking violets need not apply, even though there are two shades in the purple family that could give the gothic, extra dark purple Kourt K Lip Kit a run for its money when it comes to purple lip domination.

Observe the In Bloom Lip Tar shades.

This is Poseur, a cooler-than you, lavender-laced pink.

Allow yourself to make the acquaintance of Alt-Girl, a metallic amethyst. This shade allows for a different sort of purple lip.

Oh, hey Shoegazer! You are quite the muted oxblood hue.

Have you witnessed the awesome majesty of Kelly, a pinky peach with metallic gold pearl?

You have to be a free spirit who is down for Whatever with this metallic, jewel-toned jade.

Lastly, there's Soy Latte, a creamy caramel. It's OCC's version of a neutral!

The OCC In Bloom Lip Tars are $16 a pop. Shop 'em now via the Urb Out site or pick one up in person if you live in the regions where they will be released to stores.

Images: Courtesy Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (7)