How To Support Brussels On Facebook

News of the horrific terror attacks and subsequent casualties in Brussels can leave you feeling helpless. There's so much we want to do to offer our love and support to the grieving Belgian people, but we simply can't physically do so because of distance. Fortunately, in this social media age, there's been a small yet empowering new trend of unification. If you recall, in light of the Paris terror attacks in November, Facebook allowed its users to change their profile picture with a French flag filter to stand in solidarity with the French people. That said, can you change your Facebook profile photo to support Brussels?

Update: There is a Belgium flag overlay tool now available. To get started, visit the Belgium Flag Overlay Tool Facebook page. There, they link to their app. Once you are on the app page, click on the "Start - Connect to Facebook" button. It will then ask if it can access your profile to proceed. When you allow access, you're then brought to a page with the overlay already on your profile picture. You can adjust the opaqueness and orientation of the overlay. When you are satisfied with the appearance, click next and follow the remaining steps in order to publish your picture.

Earlier: It appears that you cannot change your profile picture in honor of Brussels just yet. It's important to note that because of time zone differences, many people in the U.S. are just waking up to the terrible news, though the attacks occurred around 8 a.m. Belgian time. So while a Facebook profile picture filter to support Brussels and the Belgian people is not currently available, that does not mean that it won't be in the very near future. Given how many Facebook users took advantage of the profile picture filter to support Paris, I think that the same consideration will be given in an effort to support Brussels around the world.

In the meantime, though, you can show your support in a variety of ways. In fact, as Metro reports, Facebook users have already taken to changing their profile pictures. While you can simply change your profile picture to the Belgian flag, below are some profound images that have been circulating online. You can change your profile picture to, or simply share, one these popular images if you want to perpetuate that sense of community.

Image: Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle