A Look At Past 'Bachelorette' Stars' Tattoos

Once we get to know someone via watching them on a reality TV show like The Bachelorette, the quest for knowledge about their personal life never ends. For instance, sometimes there are little peeks of tattoos shown during The Bachelorette and other times, even in those bikinis, you can't see any evidence of ink. We see so much of the cast members during their time on the show that it's easy to become curious about what a Bachelor, Bachelorette, or contestants tattoo says — or even if they have any tattoos that just go unnoticed because no one is looking for them.

Upcoming Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher said she didn't have any tattoos in her Bachelor bio, so unless she got a tattoo between seasons, you won't be seeing any ink on her. That said, have any of the past Bachelorettes taken the plunge and gotten tattooed? As far as I can tell — and believe me when I say that I thoroughly creeped — out of the 12 women who have held the title role on The Bachelorette, only five of them appear to have ink on their bodies. Does this number surprise you? Or are you a such devoted member of Bachelor Nation that you already know who has tattoos and where they are located?

Here's who's tatted up.

Kaitlyn Bristowe: Five Tattoos

According to her ABC profile while she was a contestant on The Bachelor, Kaitlyn has five tattoos, and she definitely has the most prominent ones the series has seen. She has two doves on the back of her arms, because they are "the only birds who remember how to fly home" and that is symbolic to her. She hasn't shared where the other tattoos are, but we have seen Kaitlyn in a swimsuit plenty of times on the show, so it seems like the three other tats are in pretty private places. According to her old profile while she was a contestant on The Bachelor, she listed that she has five tattoos.

Ali Fedotowsky: One Tattoo

If you don't remember Ali having a tattoo when she was on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette that is because she didn't have any back then. After her break up with Bachelorette winner Roberto Martinez, Ali got the word "endure" inked on her wrist in her grandmother's handwriting on New Year's Day 2011. Ali explained the tattoo in a tweet, writing, "As we go through life we experience sunshine and rain... the secret is to endure - Molly Fedotowsky (Grandma)." That is so special.

Ashley Hebert Rosenbaum: Two Tattoos

Before she became reality TV star, Ashley had the words "crazy beautiful" tatted on the inside of her right wrist, according to what her sister told Hollywood Life. If you watched Ashley on the seventh season of The Bachelor with Brad Womack, then you know that she was part of the girl crew who got rose tattoos on their ankles during a trip to Las Vegas. Thankfully, it wasn't a total waste since she did end up becoming The Bachelorette and gave out roses to the man who became her husband — it still works!

Emily Maynard: Two Tattoos

You might be a little surprised to see Emily's name on this list. She's never showed off any of her tats, but they are there. According to Examiner, on the inside of her wrist she has the Roman Numeral for seven, but has never confirmed what that signifies. It does answer the question about why she wore so many bracelets at once while she was on TV; she was probably trying to keep her ink under wraps. Wetpaint also reports that Emily has a tattoo behind her ear.

Jillian Harris: One Tattoo

As far as I can tell, Jillian Harris is only sporting one tattoo. In honor of her grandmother Marjorie, she and her cousins all got "Marjorie" tattoos on their feet since they wanted to do something for their grandma's birthday, but she didn't want any gifts. On her website Jillian explained the tattoo, writing, "We now have her name on our foot as she really has been with us, every step of the way." That is so sweet.

While most of these ladies went low-key when it came to the body art, it seems like they all have tattoos with a special meaning to them and that they put a lot of thought behind getting inked.