'BvS' Is Missing One Big Thing

One of the best — or worst, depending on how badly you've held in having to pee for the last two hours — things about superhero movies these days is that they almost always come with a post-credits scene. Some of these can be pretty lighthearted (Deadpool, anyone?) while others are all serious, meant to get you curious and excited for the next movie on the way. Yet in a bit of a surprise, the Batman v Superman post-credits scene doesn't fit into any of the above categories — because it simply doesn't exist.

Unlike many comic book movies, BvS does not include a post-credits scene; rather, when the movie ends, it goes right into the credits and doesn't stop until the screen turns black. While this might be a disappointment to some, it's actually not too big a shock if you're familiar with DC's on-screen world. Unlike Marvel Studios, which almost always includes post-credits scenes in its releases, DC has typically avoided adding them onto their movies. Man of Steel, for instance, had no post-credits scene, and none of the films in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy did, either. In 2014, Nolan even told The Guardian that as far as adding in post-credits scenes go, “A real movie wouldn’t do that."

So it's actually not a huge surprise that BvS ends before the credits start rolling, although that's not to say it isn't frustrating. There's something to be said about getting a first look, even a quick one, at a movie's follow-up, so you know what to look forward to in the many months (or even years) it'll be until that sequel rolls around. Yet there's just as much to be said for movies not having post-credits scenes, and instead, choosing to let the teasing happen during the actual movie, which is actually what Batman v Superman does. Spoilers ahead!

The film's conclusion basically acts as a post-credits scene, as it features plenty of hints for what to expect in Justice League and even Wonder Woman. At the end of the movie, Superman is basically dead, having sacrificed himself to defeat Doomsday, the seemingly unkillable creature created by Lex Luthor. He even has a funeral, attended by both Batman and Wonder Woman. While there, the duo talk about the need to team up and find others like them (i.e. The Flash, Aquaman...), which sets the stage for Justice League. Meanwhile, although they don't realize it, Superman is being revived, and chances are that by the next movie, he'll be back to his normal, Kryptonian self.

Then there's the matter of Lex Luthor, who's just had his head shaved (giving him his iconic bald look) and is in prison for his many crimes. He's locked up, sure, but doesn't exactly look defeated; if anything, being imprisoned seems to make him even more determined to ruin both Superman and Batman in the following films and get his revenge.

So while BvS may not have a post-credits scene, it sets up the next DC films quite well, giving just enough hints at what's to come to satisfy any impatient fans.

Images: Warner Bros; Giphy