9 Plus Size Looks Based On Fictional Heroines

When it comes to personal style, we often take inspiration from anywhere and everywhere: People on the street, magazines, store windows, and even our friends. However, some of my favorite places to get inspiration from are books, television, and film. Recreating the styles of fictional heroines in plus sizes is basically my jam.

If someone asked me what my favorite hobbies are, it'd easily be the three F's: food, fiction, and fashion. It's no shock that two of my favorites — fiction and fashion — would begin to start influencing one another. For instance, I'll sometimes watch a show or pay to see a movie just because of the sartorial elements. It's the main reason I watch Reign, and fashion was the only thing I liked about Crimson Peak. But the biggest influence fiction has had when it comes to my love for all things style is introducing me to the fictional babes who have influenced my own look.

Unfortunately, it's not often that we come across plus size heroines in our fiction. Pop culture has a lot of catching up to do with efforts in body positivism. But in the meantime, we can take our favorite intelligent, independent, ass-kicking ladies and create our own plus size versions of their styles. Let's take a look at nine plus size fashion looks based on our most beloved and badass babes.

1. Hermione Granger

Hermione Granger of Harry Potter was never one for trends or sporting anything overtly feminine. She was much too busy studying, learning magic, getting straight As, hunting horcruxes, and helping to defeat dark wizards I guess. Hermione's style was always cute and casual, with a focus on simple layers, jeans, cute sweaters, and scarves.

Plaid Camp Shirt, $48.50,

A plaid shirt thrown over a plain tee will give you the practical and comfortable yet cute look Hermione so often rocked in the films, and will allow you to go about your day feeling brainy, brave, and ready to save the world.

d/c Jeans Straight Fit Staright Leg Jean, $65,

Hermione is no-fuss when it comes to her look, so a simple and comfy pair of jeans is the way to go (that means nothing with embellishments or fashionable distressing). An easy jean with a medium denim wash and a straight leg would be the perfect fit.

2. Katniss Everdeen

For Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games, every day is a day spent fighting to stay alive. Whether she's out illegally hunting in the wild forests of District 12 or fighting for her life in the Panem Hunger Games, her style reflects a necessity for protection, ease, comfort, and survival.

Ultimate Biker Jacket in Leather Look, $77,

Keep it warm, casual, and ass-kicking-worthy with a brown faux leather jacket that's sure to bring out the inner Katniss in you. Throw it over a plain black shirt and you'll be ready for any game.

Sleek Pin Stripe Pant, $50.00,

Complete the look with these plus size pinstripe pants. Both stretchy and fashionable, they will allow you to tackle the day with comfort and chicness. Oh, and don't forget to style your hair in a side-braid.

3. Claire Fraser

Claire Randall Fraser, the famous 20th century nurse from Outlander, was forced to take life by the horns when suddenly thrown into the past: 18th century Scotland, to be precise. Claire soon adapted to her surroundings in order to survive, including adopting the sartorial aesthetic of the times. That means a lot of simple fabrics, dark, muted hues (think browns, greens, and indigo blues), and plaid, plaid, and more plaid.

Doctor Who Collection Eleventh Doctor Caplet, $52.48,

Scotland is known for its rough weather, and Claire often wears a cloak to keep warm. To recreate a plus size version of her outlandish style, start with this delightful plaid caplet.

Archival Revival Dress in Pine, $89.99,

As a time traveler, Claire jumps from decade to decade, going from 1946 to late 1743. This delightful dress combines the style of both those eras, merging to create one glorious Claire Fraser-worthy and Scotland-appropriate dress.

4. Lagertha

Lagertha is the fierce viking (often known as a shield maiden) from Vikings, and she is one tough woman. Not only was she married to King Ragnar Lothbrok, but she ended up proving her independence and natural talent for leadership by becoming an Earl herself. Lagertha is an extremely fierce fighter, natural leader, dedicated mother, and a revered warrior. Her sense of style obviously reflects that. She sports lots of fur, dresses made of wool or leather, and fitted pants and shirts beneath her armor when in battle.

Simply Be Suedette Shift Dress, $39.49,

Take some style inspiration from Lagertha and try this brown suede shift dress for a little viking warrior realness.

Love Token Faux Fur Vest, $55.50,

Throw a faux fur vest over your ensemble (and plait your hair in some funky viking-style braids) to complete your viking shield maiden-inspired look.

5. Martha Jones

Martha Jones, medical student and companion of the 10th doctor in Doctor Who, was one incredibly fierce fictional heroine. After accompanying The Doctor in his travels and single-handedly facing the end of the world, Martha was recognized for her independence, skills, and talents. After finishing her medical degree, she went on to be recruited into the paranormal military organization UNIT, bringing her brains and bravery to the team. She was tough, intelligent, and professional: Just like her style.

Plus Size Excelled Leather Scuba Jacket, $200,

Martha Jones was known for sporting a stylish yet practical and professional red leather jacket. Throw this over a plain, comfortable tee or tank, and you'll be set for finishing your own medical degree and following The Doctor around the universe.

Angels Dark Wash Boot Cut Jean, $70,

In order to complete your Martha Jones-inspired look, try going for a dark denim wash bootcut jean. Whether you are a doctor or just happen to be chasing a time traveling one around all day, these will be perfect.

6. Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys Targaryan may have started out as a quiet young girl who let others decide her fate, but the mother of dragons quickly evolved into a Dothraki khaleesi and then into a fierce, strong, beloved queen and a force to be reckoned with. Freeing slaves, taking over cities, and ruling with justice in her heart, it's no wonder that this fierce heroine queen is adored by the masses. Equally adored are her beautiful flowing gowns and elegantly caped ensembles: Styles fit for any queen.

Studio Jersey Capelet Gown, $159.90,

To create your own plus size khaleesi look, this white caped dress will be absolutely perfect.

Open Dragon Torc Choker in Sterling Silver, $114.95,

To complete your own Daenerys-inspired look, add this sterling silver dragon choker. It's a fit for any mother of dragons.

7. Michonne

When it comes to The Walking Dead, no one kicks ass and shines quite like Michonne. A fierce heroine who is constantly saving lives and killing walkers, she's a no-fuss kind of woman when it comes to fashion. Her ensembles need to be durable, comfortable, athletic, and tough.

Plus Size Milwaukee Leather Side Lace Scoop Neck Leather Vest, $239.99,

To create your own plus size version of Michonne's style, one has to start with a leather vest. Michonne is often seen wearing her own version that laces up at the sides, which allows for movement and durability when killing walkers and looking badass.

Jessica Simpson Plus Size Forever Skinny Crop Jeans, $69,

To get the full Michonne look, pair your leather vest with these olive green skinny jeans. You now have yourself a Michonne-inspired ensemble worthy of walker-killing.

8. The Little Mermaid

Ariel from The Little Mermaid has always been one of my favorite Disney princesses. Not only did she always follow her heart, collect second-hand trinkets, and exercise incredible bravery, but she was one of the only princesses to actually save a prince, rather than the other way around. Both her heroic story and her mermaid style have inspired me since I was a little girl.

Joe Brown's Beach to Bar Camisole, $59.95,

We all know Ariel's famous purple shell bikini bra (although how it stayed up, I will never understand). Taking some beachy inspiration from the little mermaid's style, this purple camisole is the perfect top for the job (but with a little more coverage for your everyday).

Mermaid Leggings, $49,

Every mermaid needs a tail, and there is no better way to turn fins into fashion than with these plus size mermaid leggings.

9. Lisbeth Salander

Lisbeth Salander, the hacker heroine from Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, is a personal favorite character of mine. Lisbeth may have had a rough life, but it allowed her to develop a keen sense of intuition, intelligence, and skill. She uses her intelligence to help solve a mystery, as well as save and free an innocent man. Her dark past has given her a rebellious attitude that expresses itself through her punk-like style.

Plus Size Sexy Leather Biker Hoodie Black Jacket, $68.99,

Lisbeth's style is a little punk, a little rock, and a little goth. To recreate your own version of her look, opt for a hooded black leather motorcycle jacket.

Plus Size Ripped Skinny Jeans, $22.90,

Finish off your perfectly punk, Lisbeth-inspired look with a pair of ripped black skinny jeans. Add a few spiked or studded accessories and throw on some black lipstick, and you'll be ready to hack your way through the day.

There's nothing quite like feeling tough, strong, intelligent, and independent. Although there may not be many plus size fictional heroines in our culture, we can still take inspiration from the fiercest babes in cinema, literature, and television.

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