57 2016 Plus Size Spring Clothes You Should Shop, Because Our Options Are Better Than Ever — PHOTOS

I cannot begin to express how excited I am for the winter to end, primarily because the upcoming season is promising to be one of the best in plus size spring fashion. Issues of body positivism hit the mainstream more than ever before throughout 2015, and — at the risk of jumping the gun — it does seem like all the chatter is beginning to influence the fashion industry.

In terms of options for women above a size 12, plus size indie brands continue to be some of the most inclusive out there, with size ranges extending to 6XL and beyond, and selections that cater to every fatshionable nerd, prep, punk, minimalist, kitschy queen, or rebel. And slowly but surely, some of the bigger retailers are widening their ranges and broadening their minds, too.

Spring style used to be one of my least favorite things to shop for. When everyone else was breaking out the pastels, floral prints, mini skirts, and bold patterns, I was hiding beneath T-shirt dresses and boot cut jeans because that's just about all that the fashion industry thought I and other fat women deserved. But no more, guys. This season is going to be killer, and these 57 items are proof.


1. The Cape Dress

Miley Cape Dress, $128, monifc.com

How incredible? How magnificent? How essential?

2. The Trendy Dress

Jasmine Neoprene Dress, $118, monifc.com

This is almost too of-the-moment, but in the best of ways.

3. The Glammiest Dress

The Birthday Dress, $125, zelieforshe.com

For all those springtime occasions when you need to be at your most glam.

4. Black On Black

The Color Of My Heart Dress, $37, shoptunnelvision.com

For those who can't give up an all-black look, no matter the season.

5. Vintage Flowers

Bernie Dexter Plus Size 1950s Style Daisy Meadow Paris Cotton Swing Dress, $182, unique-vintage.com

In this dress, you'll probably feel like the star of your own movie.

6. Field Of Flowers

Boohoo Plus Embroidered Smock Dress, $42.77, asos.com

See-through sleeves? Beautiful embroidery? Loose and free-flowing cut? That's springtime perfection.

7. Minimalist

New Look Inspire Stripe Shirt Dress, $30.78, asos.com

This one's ideal for all those days when you just want something easy.

8. Slip Dress

Nicolette Mason The Janet Bodycon Dress, $170, additionelle.com

When boudoir style and street-style combine, you get this glorious dress.

9. Proud Femme

Nicolette Mason The Gabi Cape Dress, $170, additionelle.com

Celebrate your femininity in this delicate rose masterpiece.

10. Bodycon Beauty

Plus Size Stripe Cami Dress, $15.90, forever21.com

Easy, breezy, and fabulous.


1. I-Heart-You

Iconic By UV Plus Size Navy & White Hearts Jitterbug Suspender Skirts, $88, unique-vintage.com

Wear your heart on your sleeve all spring.

2. Watermelon Time

Plus Size 1950s High Waist Watermelon Circle Swing Skirt, $72, unique-vintage.com

There is nothing cuter than this skirt.

3. Pretty Plaid

Smitten By The Same Ladybug Skirt, $59.99, modcloth.com

Get picnic-ready in this precious piece.

4. Suede Dreams

Plus Size Button-Front Faux Suede Skirt, $22.90, forever21.com

Keep the '70s trend alive in this adorable skirt.

5. Cupcake Skirt

Red Convertible Cupcake Dress & Maxi Skirt, $135, readytostare.com

Make an entrance in a gorgeous full-length skirt that can also double as a dress.

6. Carrie Bradshaw

Studio Tulle Midi Skirt, $99.90, eloquii.com

If you still love Sex And The City, you'll adore this tulle skirt.


1. So Retro

The Rose Ruffle Pencil Skirt, $50, smartglamour.com; Daphne Ruffle Crop Top, $35, smartglamour.com

This SmartGlamour original looks like something out of Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. In other words, perfection.

2. Streetstyle Chic

Moyra Crop Top, $78, monifc.com; Moyra Midi Skirt, $98, monifc.com

Mesh detailing is going to be everything this spring, and this incredible look is fuel for the fire.

3. Cute As A Button

The "I Got A Crush Top," $55, zelieforshe.com; The "I Got A Crush Midi Skirt," $75, zelieforshe.com

The knit fabric should keep you warm on cooler seasonal days, but still oh-so-precious.

4. Roosters

Eleanor Rooster Skirt, $46, rue107.com; Blossom Bikini Top, $74, rue107.com

This print is everything.

5. Fashion Person

Rebdolls "Levels" Two-Piece Turtleneck Set, $36.50, rebdolls.com

This feels like the kind of thing a very important fashion person would wear on a night out.


1. The Palazzos

The Mae Chiffon Palazzo Pants, $60, smartglamour.com

These pants make me want to go to Mykonos and delight in lounging.

2. Mermaid Leggings

Mermaid Leggings, $49, chubbycartwheels.com

Become the fat mermaid of your dreams this season.

3. Sailor Girl

Plus Size 1940s Navy High Waist Party On Stretch Sailor Pants, $58, unique-vintage.com

I challenge you not to embrace all the vintage flight attendant vibes when wearing these pants.

4. That '70s Show

Vintage '90s Lace-Up High-Waist Jean, $64, shoptunnelvision.com

Donna Pinciotti would have worn the hell out of these.

5. Flower Power

Printed Soft Flare Pant, $89.90, eloquii.com

Hippie chic meets working girl in New York circa 2016.


1. High Waisted Cuteness

Gloria High Waist Short, $40, smartglamour.com

Vintage vixen-ness at its finest.

2. Polka Dot Magic

Dapper On Deck Shorts In Navy Dots, $44.99, modcloth.com

These are simple statement-making incarnate.

3. Essential Culottes

Floral Print Crinkle Culottes, $36.49, simplybe.com

Culottes are the perfect shorts for spring. The extra length is ideal for breezy evenings, but the cut is just so festive and seasonal-appropriate.

4. '70s Glory

Plus Size Faux Suede Shorts, $22.90, forever21.com

There is no material as snuggly as suede.

5. '80s TV Presenter Shorts

Striped Sadie Shorts, $69.90, eloquii.com

Someone please use these shorts to make the '80s cool again.

Light Jackets

1. Light Fur

Sequin Biker, $320, isolatedheroes.com

This one's definitely a splurge, but for a cropped sequin fur jacket that screams "spring," I might just cave. For any where the model isn't visibly plus size, might be worth mentioning the size ranges available!

2. Flower Power

Fleur Love & Honey Trench, $99.99, modcloth.com

There was never a grander trench.

3. Elegant Trench

Scarlett & Jo Trenchcoat, $149.99, simplybe.com

What is this magic?!

4. Festival Style

Cocoon Festival Jacket, $57.50, simplybe.com

I'm pretty sure this is Coachella in a jacket.

5. Varsity Style

Rebdolls "Varsity" Jacket, $42.99, rebdolls.com

This is high school chic at its best.

6. Classic Denim

Young Americans Jacket, $245, bethditto.com

A classic denim jacket plus gorgeous embroidering is basically heaven.


1. Statement Tee

Diet Industry Dropout Tee, $25, chubbycartwheels.com

Wear your politics on a crop top this spring, because why not?

2. Sequin Crop

Cupid Crop Top, $78, isolatedheroes.com

This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

3. See-Through Polkas

ASOS Curve Longline T-Shirt In Spot Print Mesh, $34.21, asos.com

Make a statement and show off your tummy love in this see-through top.

4. Basic Florals

Willow The Wisp Top, $69.99, modcloth.com

Channel Zooey Deschanel in this floral, collared shirt.

5. The Beatles

Style You Can Laugh About Tee, $44.99, modcloth.com

Celebrate your love for Paul and John in a feel-good tee.

6. '90s Charm

Plus Size Floral Print Top, $8.90, forever21.com

Nothing says '90s like a floral, cropped tank.

7. Lace-Up

Plus Size Lace-Up Top, $14.90, forever21.com

The lace-up trend is all the rage, and so is this top.

Jumpsuits & Bodysuits

1. Mary Jane

Mary Jane Bodysuit, $50, chubbycartwheels.com

Show off your love for cannabis and its transformative properties in this delightful bodysuit.

2. The Perfect Romper

ASOS Curve Bright Embroidery Playsuit, $65.01, asos.com

Wear it to the park, to the beach, on a walk, to the movies. There's nowhere this romper can't go.

3. Mediterranean Vibes

Boohoo Plus Floral Culotte Jumpsuit, $37.64, asos.com

If this isn't an excuse to go on a Mediterranean vacation, I don't know what is.

4. Loud & Proud

Print Strappy Wrap-Neck Jumpsuit, $57.50, simplybe.com

Psychedelic florals? I can dig it.

5. Bodycon Babe

Lace Sleeveless Playsuit, $74.99, simplybe.com

Wear this for a night on the town, and show off your beautiful VBO in style.

6. The Boldest

"Miss Rose" Bodysuit — Midnight Nude, $148, rue107.com

This is sick, and that is all.

7. Spotty

Studio Printed Wrap Jumpsuit, $119.90, eloquii.com

Polka dots at their finest.


1. Oversized Floral

Vintage Drive Me Crazy Swimsuit, $18, shoptunnelvision.com

Dear Millennials: Please stay true to your '90s kid roots.

2. Pretty In Pink, Revamped

Plus Size Bikini Bottoms, $15.90, forever21.com; Plus Size Textured Bikini Top, $17.90, forever21.com

Your fatkini game will be strong.

3. Dessert-Obsessed

Ice Cream Shop Bow Tie Bottom, $58, blackcatbikinis.com; Ice Cream Shop Retro Halter Top, $65, blackcatbikinis.com

Yes, plus size women can wear bikinis. And this Black Cat Bikinis one, like all of the retailer's options, is available up to a 6XL on the bottom and an H cup on top.

4. Kitschy Queen

Bedrock Betty High Waist Swimsuit Bottom, $48, blackcatbikinis.com; Bedrock Betty Underwire Swimsuit Top, $75, blackcatbikinis.com

This one's also available up to a size 6XL (bottom) and H cup (top). Get ready to kitsch it up.

5. Zipper Time

GabiFresh For Swim Sexy The Baroness, $68.60, swimsuitsforall.com

Those cut-outs, though.

6. All Mesh Always

GabiFresh For Swim Sexy The Marchioness, $68.60, swimsuitsforall.com

Sometimes it's all about the small details.

See what I mean about this season being killer? The OTT-style-lover in me is dancing right now.

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Images: Courtesy Brands